What does your freelance writing website really offer prospects?

Years ago, you could have a billboard-style professional website and land plenty of clients. But over time, things have changed. Now it's important that your freelance writer website serves as more than an advertisement. If you want it to attract prospects through search engines or help you build a reputation that leads directly to writing gigs, your website has to offer more value than that.

Get more out of your freelance writing website by making it a go-to resource. You can do this by making it a hub for information your prospects want in addition to promoting your services.

The idea is simple. You want high quality content to help you rank in search engines. And you want prospects to keep coming back. Why? Because not all prospects are ready and willing to buy when they first come across you.

By converting them from drive-by traffic to regular visitors you build relationships and you build trust. Then, when they are ready and able to hire someone, you'll be the writer they think of first.

How to Keep Prospects Coming Back

Not sure how to include value-added resources to keep prospects coming back to your freelance writer website? Let's look at some example content types you could use. You don't need to use all of them -- pick and choose from what you think will appeal to your target market the most.

Consider including:

  • An industry-focused blog that benefits their business;
  • White papers and other types of reports;
  • E-books (free or premium);
  • Other downloadable resources like worksheets, checklists, and templates;
  • Courses (to teach prospects something they consider valuable);
  • Webinars (for more personal instruction);
  • An email newsletter that drives prospects back to your site;
  • Data (conduct surveys related to the markets your prospects target).

Combine some or all of these ideas to help you build a more authoritative reputation among your target prospects. By providing resources that benefit their businesses on a regular basis instead of only focusing on yours, you have a better chance of converting those prospects into clients.

Bonus tip: If prospects aren't ready to hire a freelancer, try selling them an information product. That lets you tap into lower-budget markets without having to lower your rates. It's just one more reason to make your professional freelance writing website a more valuable resource that can stand on its own.

Have you turned your freelance writer website into a go-to resource for prospects? If so, what resources did you choose to add, and why?

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