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Freelance Math Writer

Date Added: 05/18/2020

Job Category: Other Freelance Writing Jobs

Hiring Company: MasteryPrep

Location: United States

Local candidates only?

Budget (per post / page / document): $750 - 1000 (PRO RATE)


College entrance exam preparation company, MasteryPrep, is seeking freelance math writers to help them expand their line of SAT prep products by creating math lessons for a semester-long SAT curriculum. Pay is on a per-project basis, with assignments generally ranging from $800 - $1200.


- Able to follow a detailed lesson outline and style guide
- Attend paid training
- Possess comprehensive knowledge of high school math up to pre-calculus
- Able to turn around projects typically within 1-2 weeks
- Test prep experience, high standardized test scores, and an education background are preferred

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