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Advanced Marketing for Experienced Freelance Writing Pros

Veteran freelance writer, Lori Widmer, and I have made it no secret we've been partnering on an upcoming project for freelance writing pros. In fact, that's the name of the new community -- Freelance Writing Pros. (You can visit the site today if you want to sign up for marketing tips and launch announcements via email.)

We're happy to announce the site will go live in just a couple of weeks. And today I'd like to introduce you to FreelanceWritingPros.com and give you an idea about what you can expect.

Why Another Site for Freelance Writers?

Lori and I both already run sites for freelance writers. And plenty exist in general. So why another?

What makes Freelance Writing Pros different?

It's all in the name.

Most freelance writing sites focus heavily on the "getting started" crowd -- launching a freelance writing business, finding your first clients, and covering the basics new freelancers want to know.

But one group has been largely neglected -- experienced pros.

If you've been freelance writing for five years or more... if you've already "been there, done that" with most of the freelance writing advice you come across... if you're looking for more...

Freelance Writing Pros is for you. 

It's time to go beyond the basics. It's time to push the envelope with your marketing strategies. It's time to land even better clients and truly stand out in your specialty.

Let us help you.

What Freelance Writing Pros Can do for You

The new site will touch on business issues experienced freelance writers face. But mostly, Freelance Writing Pros is about advanced marketing and PR for freelance writers who are ready to take things to the next level.

You won't learn how to set up a simple WordPress site.

You'll learn how to use every blog post you write to attract top-tier clients and turn yourself into an industry thought leader.

You won't learn how to step into some broad and oversaturated freelance market.

You'll learn how to create new markets for yourself when you're ready for your business to grow. 

You won't learn how to make basic cold calls.

You'll learn persuasive strategies to talk prospects into sweet deals and have them coming back begging for more. 

You won't find lists of job boards full of low quality leads with far too much competition.

You'll learn how to find the "hidden" jobs on those sites most freelancers are blind to. 

You won't find generic advice about "building credits" by publishing guest post after guest post on sites that'll take free content from just about anyone.

You'll learn how to get serious media outlets to seek you out for interviews and cite you as an expert source. 

You won't just learn how to prepare a yearly marketing plan that you'll file away and forget about.

You'll learn how to organize and run all-out promotional campaigns that give you an edge on your competition. 

And you won't learn how to set your base freelance writing rates or how to ask clients for a "raise."

You'll learn about advanced freelance fee strategies to help you turn little one-off gigs into big money contracts.


Here's a sneak peek at the homepage in its current development state to give you a quick idea of what's coming your way, not just in February but over the next few months.

Freelance Writing Pros Preview

Now, things will change before the launch in a couple of weeks. Copy will be tweaked. And some featured sections there will be removed because we're not launching everything immediately.

Here's what you'll see early next month:

  • The blog will launch.
  • The weekly newsletter will resume (get marketing tips that only go to subscribers, invitations to help us test new features that everyone else has to wait on, and special offers on premium features as they're released).
  • The podcast will launch (Lori and I are recording the first several weekly podcasts next week; these will be 10-minutes max each, going into advanced marketing and PR tactics or other business issues or tools).
  • It's very likely the free section of the community will also launch.

Here's what you may see either in February or March, but they're a little further out:

  • The release of the first e-book (these will be short guides on highly specific marketing and PR tactics)
  • The release of the first course (Lori's course on working with trade publication markets will likely be the first released.)
  • Beta access to premium community areas (to members of our network first, followed by invitations to free community members and email subscribers)

"But hold on..." you might be thinking. "Who are the two of you to teach us these things? We're already successful freelancers after all."

Good question! And you're right. But if you could be even more successful, earning more money while working less and having more time for yourself, would you want to do that?

Thought so.

Here's why Lori and I are the right people to guide you in that direction.

Our Background

Lori and I are both experienced freelance writing pros just like you. I've been copywriting for 18 years now -- 13 years self-employed full-time in business writing, blogging, and PR. Lori has worked as a writer and editor for 15 years and has freelanced for 12 years.

Lori brings a wealth of experience in everything from navigating corporate bureaucracy to managing relationships with publication editors. Before launching her freelance writing career, she was even a senior editor for a national trade magazine.

Lori is also the author of a marketing guide for freelance writers called Marketing 365 -- a year-long collection of promotional tips you can use to attract new clients.

My background is in public relations. I was one of the first PR pros to specialize in working with creative solopreneurs. When it comes to media relations, campaign planning, and reputation management, I'm your girl.

I've worked with freelancers, authors, artists, leading online entrepreneurs, agencies, nonprofits, small businesses, and corporate clients (though my preference has always been working with independent and creative professionals, just like you). There is far too little legitimate public relations info out there for the benefit of freelance professionals. And with Freelance Writing Pros, I intend to change that.

Ready to join us on this journey and take your freelance writing business to a new level? 

Don't miss any of the upcoming content and community features for experienced freelance writers. Visit FreelanceWritingPros.com today to sign up for the newsletter and launch announcements. You'll also get weekly blog updates via email when the blog launches next month. Have questions you'd like us to tackle in the podcast or a future blog post? Ask them in the blog comments below or send me an email at jenn@freelancewritingpros.com.

Thanks for sharing!
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