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Want to be just like Amazon? Now you can.

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You may have heard some of the talk about Amazon tracking reading habits of Kindle and Kindle Fire users—they monitor what users read, how fast, when and where they put books down, etc.

Maybe you even thought to yourself, "I wish I could do that."

Well soon you may be able to.

According to Digital Book World a new start up called Hiptype (still in beta) is out to help publishers gain the same insights ereader sellers enjoy—and they're not limiting the word "publisher" to just the big guys.

Buried in the story is this line:

"For basic information on demographic profiles of readers and book performance, publishers or self-published authors can pay $19 a month per book. That price gives publishers data from up to 1,000 readers, basic audience insights and reading trends and the ability to track book performance over time."

Dubbing themselves "Google Analytics for books," Hiptype works through a plugin installed within the ebook, when you format it. It then reports back on reader behavior. The piece also mentions a more comprehensive package, for $99 that will include a wider reader sample, more detailed insights and tools to help publishers (or self publishers, I assume based on the quote above) more effectively market their book(s).

So if you think peering over your readers' shoulders while they page through your book could give you some insight, sign up for a free 30-day trial on the company's website or check out the full article at Digital Book World (click here).

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