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For the past few months in this series, I've been focusing on more practical DIY projects; things that would be considered to be traditionally 'Do-It-Yourself'.

I'm making a bit of a change from now on and am going to start  looking at DIY projects that are less focused on building and construction and look more at aspects that will benefit your actual freelance writing business.  Plus, you'll now be getting four DIY projects each month, rather than just the one.

Starting right at the beginning this month, it's important for all freelance writers to not only have a freelance writing blog, but a theme on it that fits your needs and circumstances, whilst being attractive and welcoming to your clients, both current and prospective.

On the assumption that you're using WordPress (for the simple fact that it's the most popular freestanding blogging platform), the following 6 steps are explain how to move from the WordPress Default 1.6 theme to any other theme you like.

  1. If the theme you've found and downloaded is still in zip format, unzip it onto your desktop (for ease of finding) and delete the zipped version
  2. Open open your chosen FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client and log on to the the hosting account where your blog is.  I use Mozilla's Filezilla as I've always found that it's quick and easy to use, but there are thousands available for free - just have a search in Google
  3. Once you've logged onto your hosting, navigate to wp-content > themes.  Assuming that you haven't been in here and deleted any files before, there should be two themes already saved here - classic and default
  4. In the opposite window, navigate to your computer's desktop, right click on the folder of theme that you want to install and choose 'upload' (or a similar phrase, depending upon the FTP client that you're using)
  5. After the files has been uploaded to your server, open up your browser, login to your WordPress user panel and head to 'Appearance' and then 'Themes'
  6. Every theme that you have uploaded to your wp-contents/themes folder will be displayed here, with the current theme displayed at the top of the page.  To change the theme that's displaying on your blog at the moment, simply scroll down the page, find the theme that you've just uploaded to your hosting and choose 'Activate'.

Although changing the design of a standard website can mean a mass overhaul of the entire website, one of the wonders of WordPress is the fact that you can completely change the look of the blog within a matter of minutes.

Questions, comments or if you want instructions on how to change a theme on another blogging platform, let me know and I'll do my best to answer.

Thanks for sharing!
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Dan is a freelance writer and small business consultant. Dividing his time between writing for both individual clients and national corporations and giving a helping hand to many small startup companies, he has several years experience in both areas, as well as a strong background in Search Engine Optimisation.