Weekend Reading: LinkedIn Marketing for Writers

This weekend let's talk about marketing your freelance writing services (or marketing your books and blogs for that matter). Specifically, let's explore LinkedIn marketing.

I've put together three relatively recent resources that will hopefully help you get a handle on LinkedIn marketing. Rather than our typical "weekend reading" in this case we have one article, one infographic, and a slideshow.


Is the LinkedIn Publishing Platform Worth It?

By Kelsey Jones at SearchEngineJournal.com

Who better to share LinkedIn marketing advice for writers than other writers? In this case, Kelsey Jones assembled quotes and tips from Search Engine Journal writers related specifically to the new-ish LinkedIn Publishing Platform.

Should you post your content on LinkedIn? Is it a smart idea to share duplicate content there, such as republishing your blog posts? See what experts like Neil Patel and Amanda DiSilvestro have to say.

Read the post.

5 Minute LinkedIn Management Plan for Users of All Levels

Discovered via Mitt Ray at SocialMarketingWriting.com [Infographic from Bluewire Media]

If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of using LinkedIn for marketing, you'll love this infographic from Bluewire Media. It offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced tips for how you can engage in LinkedIn marketing no matter how little time you have (or want) to invest.

Only have five minutes? Three? One? You'll find simple LinkedIn marketing tactics you can use here.

Read the post.

LinkedIn Guide on Little Stuff

By Cathy Miller at SimplyStatedBusiness.com

This post and SlideShare presentation come from friend and colleague, Cathy Miller -- one of the first people I'd go to with LinkedIn questions of my own.

Rather than focusing specifically on marketing, Cathy's slideshow covers basic tips and things you might not know about LinkedIn, especially if you're new to the network.

There are many good tidbits in there, and some just happen to help you use LinkedIn as a more effective marketing tool.

Read the post. 

Do you have any favorite LinkedIn marketing tips to share? Tell us how you promote your writing business and build professional connections on LinkedIn in the comments below.

(Note: Please don't suggest spam tactics that violate LinkedIn's TOS and put user's accounts at risk -- like contacting and pitching people you don't know simply because they've viewed your profile, without asking to connect with you; those kinds of "tips" will be removed.)

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    • Thanks for the great resource Cathy. I know Simply Stated Business isn’t specifically for writers, but you have a lot of great stuff there that would be helpful to freelancers. I hope more AIW readers take some time to check it out. 🙂


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