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Recent posts at All Freelance Writing have been discussing the efforts of the team members to use query-free writer marketing methods to get their freelance writing businesses going, growing, and profitable. The keyword to all of these posts would be effort: you have to take on tasks every day to market your business, query-free or otherwise. What makes marketing tasks so vital to the query-free writer method is that you need to make regular and consistent progress to develop a platform that brings you work.

One of the best ways to get things done is to put them on a calendar, a to-do list. I find that using a calendar for marketing tasks makes me focus on each day's tasks, not only to complete them, but to not feel overwhelmed with the big-picture objectives and goals underway.

If you need ideas for query-free marketing methods, check out 30 Ways to Build your Writer Platform and 20 Things You Can Do Today to Market your Freelance Writing Services. These are all task-oriented marketing tactics that you can schedule throughout your week, and your month, to put a dent into platform development. An excellent option to add to your calendar? The 14 day ebook process. Whether or not you participated before, why not write an ebook? If you put in about 30 minutes to an hour for fourteen consecutive working days, you can have an invaluable tool to market your freelance writing services.

Get out whatever calendar you normally use, mark off the days that you won't be working from the end of May to June, create slots for however many hours you allot for marketing, and fill those slots up with marketing tactics. Then, stick to your calendar and take daily steps to a better writer platform.

When you finish creating this calendar, I'll hope you'll feel like I did: confident and excited. I know where I'm going with the rest of May and the 13 days of June I'll be working, and I know that my freelance writing business will be the better for it.

Share with us some of your query-free writer marketing calendar objectives, and let us know what you have on the horizon. Here's a few things that are coming up for me:

  • series of three ebooks
  • a white paper
  • Twitter following to nurture
  • LinkedIn profile to network with
  • a new blog post series
  • starting a Twitter chat
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3 thoughts on “Make a Query-Free Writer Marketing Calendar”

  1. Great post, too. I already got started with day one of my first of three ebooks, am subscribing to a group of blogs that belong to professional organizers so that I comment regularly with a link back to my site-try and get that networking going-and I’m about to storyboard the content of the focused blog post series I’ll be starting. Looking forward to my query-free writer marketing calendar strumming up some clients.


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