Make Your Writing Funny: Creating Humorous Captions for Pictures

You know, adding the right picture to a blog post makes it look better and helps break up the flow of words into something more pleasing to look at. I'm all for it. But sometimes, don't you think a photo by itself looks kinda...bland? Or you have an outlandish photo and you just can't resist commenting on it? That's when you should consider adding a funny caption.

What's great about gving a photo a funny caption is that you only have to write the punchline - what's happening in the photo itself is the setup! Just write the caption punchline in response to the photo, and keep these other rules in mind:

1. The caption needs to be a good fit. The best caption for each picture depends on the picture itself. Sometimes an involved caption is best. Sometimes short, sweet, and pithy is the answer. Try different captions out and see what fits your style and the photo in question.

2. Don't go for the obvious description. Okay, this is a personal pet peeve of mine, I'll admit. Still, going for an obvious description does tend to be uncreative. Truly funny captions are inventive, so try to work out something no one will expect. You just might hit gold.

3. What if I just want to write a funny caption for a normal picture? You should still choose the most obvious detail to comment on, even if the detail itself isn't riotiously wacky. Otherwise it works basically the same - think of relationships, ask questions, and make sure your caption twists the common assumption. It's just like when we captioned details from the news.

A good caption is a fantastic way to display some humor on your blog. Give it a shot next time and see if you can't outdo the captions in the newspaper.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: This one's easy. Get a photo and caption it! It doesn't have to be a photo that's going up on your blog - try pictures in the paper or family photo albums. Heck, try Facebook photos. I can guarantee you'll find some...interesting ones there 😉

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