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I finished all of this week's planned client work early today as expected, meaning I'm officially on a long weekend at the moment. I decided not to waste it, but to get started on two business-oriented projects - one being to start drafting Three Weeks.

I'm thrilled to say that I did get started today (not a huge amount to be proud of, but getting started is half the battle with me).

I set up the manuscript - took care of basic formatting, put the cover page together, and took care of all of the chapter breaks and titles. Again, not a big deal, but I figure having it all laid out like that will make my life easier. Because Three Weeks involves an intro, and ending, and 15 "short stories" throughout the middle, this way I can just browse to whichever scenerio I'm in the mood to write about and take it from there.

On top of the formatting, I started working on the intro. I finished just the first page, and I'll probably make changes tomorrow when I re-think it, but it was progress, which is better than doing nothing or taking a nap (although those are good too). Tonight was about trying to setup the attitude / personality of the main character and having the intro jump right into things.

If you've read any of my blogs (including this one), you know that I like to drag things out. So fiction is a chore for me (but also quite fun because it takes me a bit out of my element).

Something else I'm doing with this project is re-evaluating my main character's career choice. I have some ideas, but I need to run them by a few folks (I'd like to do something that's actually going to play into a promotional tactic for the book, but it may bring the character a bit too close to home - and there are already a lot of "me" details in this particular character). We'll see.

Thanks for sharing!
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