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I interrupt this scheduled broadcast (a blog post about organized marketing) to bring you an important message from one of the most valuable teachers a freelance writer can ever learn from: experience. As in over the past few weeks I have experienced the loss of two computers and a hard drive and have had to keep business as usual up.

This catastrophic situation was made all the less catastrophic by the fact that I've done a lot of what LaToya is telling you to do: I've got savings and I've got an emergency fund. This is a little PSA to let you know that if you don't have these things, you're probably not prepared to handle freelance writing business disasters. What if your back up and all of your computers failed at once, right now? Do you have enough money to practically start over in your savings or in your emergency fund? (I definitely go with this as a qualified emergency, as it was unexpected and catastrophic!) Okay, now back to our scheduled broadcast...

Marketing is very, very important. But, then again, you already knew that. I'm not the go-to marketing guy (Chris is and I highly suggest you check out his posts as well-bound to find organized marketing solutions there: Chris loves lists!) but I'm the neat freak here at AFW, and I've got three very, very simple steps for an organized marketing campaign.

  1. Have a marketing plan. Within your marketing plan, you should decided campaigns and maybe some tactics to get going. Jenn has an excellent marketing plan and calendar in my career bible, The Web Writer's Guide.
  2. Schedule regular marketing time. Put it in your schedule and stick to it. Marketing should be as regularly scheduled as writing.
  3. Set goals. Measure the progress you make on this goals and act accordingly. Again, Jenn's WWG has a great goal-setting method that can help you set measurable and attainable marketing goals.

How do you keep your marketing organized? Do you track your efforts, paying attention to where you get a client and therefore how your marketing efforts are paying off? Please, share your questions and comments, and look for the May post in this monthly series, where we'll be discussing filing systems.

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