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I decided a little while ago to stop creating PLR business articles (which is a project I started as an experiment to show other Web writers another potential income stream). In the beginning of 2008, my PLR articles will be completely off the market. I'm currently "clearancing" them out at 50% off (details here).

So I suppose it's time for a quick rundown to share my thoughts on the experiment:

Was it worth it?

Any learning experience is worth it. In this case however, financially it wasn't worth it (for me). That in no way means that PLR articles aren't an excellent income stream option for other writers.

What did I do?

In my case, I usually charge a minimum of $200 for unique business articles (with a couple of exceptions). So I set my prices and maximum quantities at levels that would give each PLR article the potential over time to earn that much. My mistake was that I figured that exactly, not leaving room for discounts to run sales and promotions (so the overall potential was actually less).

I sold articles in packs of five or ten on various business subjects within my own areas of expertise as a business writer and entrepreneur (not regurgitated Web research like the majority of PLR articles mass-distributed). The quality was the selling point, and why I was able to charge $2 per article when many PLR sets are much cheaper.

Should you try it?

If you're currently writing articles for $5 or so (on a unique basis), PLR articles absolutely have the potential to earn you much more.

I didn't invest much time at all into marketing these sets, and still made a good amount compared to cheap unique Web content gigs. It just wasn't enough to compare to my other work (not a great ROI in comparison to other things I could be doing, which is why I'm stopping).

If you really market your PLR articles aggressively, and can push them as quality pieces over quantity-based sets that tend to be poorly written, there's really no reason that you couldn't at least earn $20-40 per article fairly easily (depending on your price, how many you want to sell, and whether you market them effectively). I highly doubt that anyone with remotely decent content would actually earn less than those lower-paying gigs.

Obviously the rates I mentioned aren't going to be an increase for all writers. But if they would be an increase for you, maybe PLR article sets in your specialty area are an option worth considering.

If you have experience with selling PLR articles that you'd like to share, please do. 🙂

Thanks for sharing!
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Jenn has 18 years experience writing for others, around 13 years experience in blogging, and over 10 years experience in indie e-book publishing. She is also an Active member of the Horror Writers Association.

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