SEO: How to Write SEO with SEO

Do you know how to write effective and clear SEO articles? This article on SEO will show you how to write articles using SEO! There are some very basic SEO article writing techniques that you can use to make your SEO articles pop with SEO in your article. Let me show you SEO!

  1. The first thing to bear in mind about SEO articles is that you have to research SEO article terms! That means that if you are writing an SEO article on, say, Nicole Kidman's new baby, you would want to do some research on that. I don't really know where you would go! I just sort of make them up myself. I think that should work just fine. There's no other solution.
  2. Second, when writing an SEO article, take your term and try to easily SEO ARTICLE weave it into the sentences. Let me show you an example using Nicole Kidman's new baby: Nicole Kidman's new baby is on the way. Nicole Kidman and Nicole Kidman's husband are both excited about Nicole Kidman's new baby. Nicole Kidman's new baby does not have a name, but Nicole Kidman's new baby should soon. Magic!
  3. Third, look up what SEO means. I am not totally sure!
  4. Fourth, publish your article and wait for all the pageviews to come in. If they don't, then be sure to stuff more key terms into the article. I recommend using the same term over and over again in white on white background so that your page shoots to the top of the search list! This does not violate terms of agreement with Google or anything. SEO ARTICLE.
  5. Profit!
  6. Give me some of the profits.

I hope that this has helped you a lot! Please tell me what you think. SEO ARTICLE.

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26 thoughts on “SEO: How to Write SEO with SEO”

  1. Good advice Clint! But you forgot the part about hiring someone to write your articles for you. After all, why do it yourself when so many good SEO ARTICLE writers can produce 15 articles a day for five bucks or less? Flood the Internet with your articles. That’s how you get readers!

  2. Thanks for the morning smile.

    Now I’m imagining the spun versions. (The up front stuff to birth in brain in regarding SEO articles…)

  3. I am very interesting in what you have just written! Thank you. Please check out my article on Nicole Kidman’s new baby.

  4. That’s the most I’ve seen about Nicole Kidman since she was married to Tom Cruise when Nicole Kidman did something that Nicole Kidman didn’t know she did but Tom Cruise said she knew but Nicole Kidman said. “No, Nicole Kidman did not know.” So who are you going to believe Nicole Kidman or Tom Cruise. Without stating the obvious – Nicole Kidman.


    Nicole Kidman’s publicist

  5. This article makes too much sense for it to be old school keyword stuffing SEO content. But, then again, I’m used to the 50-60 keyword phrases, which is the cause of my keyword phobia.

  6. Well that’s ruined my idea for my next post.

    I’m actually now curious to see how many visits this post gets through ‘Nicole Kidman’s new baby’.

  7. First article I’ve seen in a while that was laugh out loud funny, keep up the good work! And yes, I have written articles like this in the past.

    It’s showing up in the search engine results for Nicole Kidman’s baby now? That’s even funnier.


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