Sharon Hurley Hall on Freelance Writing, Anti-Racism, & Lifting Up Fellow Writers

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Not long ago on the blog, we talked about revenue share schemes, third party blog and newsletter services, and why you're usually better off hosting your own content.

Sharon Hurley HallIn that post, we looked at a recent experience Sharon Hurley Hall had that led to her decision to switch from Medium to Substack.

Sharon's a pro at this, so she took steps to protect herself should she ever want to make another move and leave Substack down the line. More specificially, she made sure she had control over the domain.

Today I'd like to introduce you to Sharon's anti-racism newsletter, hosted on Substack -- Here's why I think you should check it out:

  • Sharon's a great role model for newer freelancers, and exploring her own business choices and growth can be a benefit to any newer writer.
  • Sharon's a good example of how writers can successfully transition between specialties (and I'll have an interview with her in coming weeks on this over on the Freelance Writing Pros blog).
  • The writing community is far from immune to racism. And that's something we all have a responsibility to address. But in order to affect change, we have to understand the problem. That means listening to, and learning from, colleagues who do face racism in their freelance writing work and beyond. And Sharon's newsletter is a great place to start.

What will you find if you subscribe to Sharon's newsletter? Here are some hand-picked articles from her archives to give you an idea:

The Impact of Racism on Our Fellow Writers

In her anti-racism newsletter, Sharon shares content about how racism affects writers in their work, from freelancing to more traditional working environments.

In the articles below, Sharon explores her experiences facing racism in hiring decisions and pay offered for freelance gigs.

She looks at the unique challenges structural racism poses for Black business owners.

And she talks about the way Black employees are often underestimated when it comes to their skills, education, and expertise (a form of racism that can equally present itself in freelance environments).

Suggested Reading:

Addressing Racism Through Creative Works

Sharon's anti-racism newsletter doesn't exclusively focus on the business side of things. She also writes about the impact of racism on Black creators, how creative works can help us fight racism through better representation and fostering empathy, and the influence of racism on creative works.

In the articles below, Sharon shares a poem she wrote about experiencing racism first-hand.

She offers tips on encouraging kids to read books about more diverse characters, and from more diverse authors.

And then she shares a story about racist feedback an artist faced in reaction to Black character design -- something that would be practically unheard of for a white creator designing characters in their own image.

Suggested Reading:

Lifting Up Fellow Anti-Racism Writers

My favorite part of Sharon's newsletter is the way she uses it to lift up fellow anti-racism writers. Lifting up writers and other creative pros is something we can all do more often.

Check out some of her latest interviews below.

I highly recommend you explore older interviews in Sharon's archives to help you broaden your own awareness of those covering issues around racism, while also introducing you to a more diverse group of fellow writers.

Suggesting Reading:

I hope you'll check out, and subscribe to, Sharon Hurley Hall's anti-racism newsletter.

And remember to keep an eye on the Freelance Writing Pros blog in coming weeks (All Freelance Writing's sister site for more experienced freelance writers) for an interview with Sharon on changing your focus as a writer.

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