So I'm out. It's hard to post this because–and I cannot believe I'm typing this–I have been doing this for over a year now. And I loved every second of it. I really wish that I weren't stopping, but it's clear to me that I need to move on now so that I can give myself ample time for other projects.

I want you all to know that you have been an incredible ride and I've really enjoyed writing for you. You're an incredibly appreciative audience and I love that you all have commented so much and left me so much feedback. I started doing this as having much less confidence as both a writer and a comedian than I do now. So I want to thank you all for helping me to understand myself better, especially as an artist.

I want you all to remember that you're awesome. Except that one guy who always left stupid comments on my blog.

If you want to keep track of me, I'm on Twitter and on Facebook, plus I have a terrible website here. I'm starting a podcast come January so hopefully that will be awesome and not suck.

Thanks again for all the memories. Seriously. You rock.