How to Use Books (and Amazon) to Find Great Blog Post Ideas

When you work on your blog’s editorial calendar (or even a more general list of blog post ideas), do you ever feel stuck? While there are plenty of headline template lists and blog post idea lists available, and I’ve even provided some here, sometimes you just don’t know what to write about. I’ll let you in on a little secret. It happens to me too.

Same-Day Delivery, Book Buying Habits, and Indie Authors

The other day I was reading an article about Google working with Barnes and Noble to offer same-day delivery of books in a few locations. It’s no secret that Amazon is also keen on making same-day delivery a reality for more shoppers. And it got me wondering. How might the rise of same-day deliveries affect book buying habits, and how might it affect the business

Amazon Tries to Manipulate Indie Authors in Hachette Dispute

Warning: If you have a problem with profanity, this post isn’t for you. For any of my readers who are sick and tired of hearing about the Amazon-Hachette e-book pricing bullshit, let me start with an apology. I’m sorry for bringing that topic here. I’m sick of it too. I’ve tried to stay out of the issue thus far because most is little more than

Zoe Winters on E-book Pricing: Does Low-balling Attract the Wrong Kind of Reader?

As an e-book publisher should your rankings be based on your low-ball rates or on the merit of your work? Coming from the traditional side of e-book publishing, I’m a fan of the latter. I believe in premium pricing when you put out quality work. And I believe in letting your individual market help determine your rates — not Amazon or the general masses. Nonfiction

What Amazon and UPS Taught Me About Customer Service

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen an all-out rant the other evening about a complete customer service nightmare related to and UPS. Here’s a run-down of what ultimately happened: I ordered a small chest from Amazon (directly, not a 3rd party seller). Being a somewhat large item shipping-wise, it took a while to get to me. I checked the tracking.