WordPress for Writers: Tips, Tricks & Essential Plugins

Disclosure: This post on WordPress for Writers contains affiliate links. That means if you purchase after clicking on my links, I might receive a commission on the sale. To learn more, read my “No-BS Affiliate Promotion Policy.” In this post on WordPress for writers, we’ll explore everything from your basic setup to tips and tricks to help you further customize your site and keep it more

Quick Tip: Use Google Webmaster Tools for Your Writer Website or Blog

Readers and colleagues often come to me with questions about problems they’re having with their websites or blogs. In some cases, such as sudden search engine ranking issues or site indexing problems, one of the first things I tend to ask them is to check Google Webmaster Tools. That’s when I sometimes get the mind-blowing responses of “What’s that?” or “I don’t use that.” Not good. So

Quick Tip: Back up or Clone Your WordPress Site with the Duplicator Plugin

No matter what kind of website you run, frequent backups are a necessity. With WordPress sites and blogs that’s especially true because of the frequent core, theme, and plugin updates you have to perform. Having a fresh backup means you can revert all, or a part, of your site if something goes wrong during the update process (or if you’re ever hacked). Whenever I would

Make Money Blogging: 20 Blog Revenue Streams

The post below was originally published on my small business blog after a friend asked me some basic questions about how he could begin to make money blogging. I’ve since shared it here as a way to help freelance writers build an additional revenue stream (originally on October 16, 2008). And I’ve now updated it for All Freelance Writing readers with even more blog revenue streams

Why Google Chrome is my Favorite Multi-Blog Management Tool

It’s no secret that I manage multiple blogs. Currently I have 50 active WordPress installations — large blogs, small blogs, author sites, business sites, and several in various pre-launch phases. Every work day I have to manage these blogs, including the ones that haven’t launched yet. What does this include? Approving comments that are in moderation queues Deleting spam comments Upgrading any out of date

Bloggers Beware: WriterBay.com Uses Guest Posts as Link Spam

Update: I received an email from David from Writerbay.com this morning. While we still disagree as to the spam nature of these kinds of contests, I do want to update you about a positive development. The primary concern with the contest was the target list of bloggers that was published for participants. I was informed (and then verified) that the list has been removed. Writers can

When it Makes Sense to Have Multiple Blogs

In addition to being a freelance writer for clients I’m also a professional blogger and Web developer in my own right, running several different types of websites over the years including dozens of different blogs. That experience lets me appreciate the value having multiple blogs can bring through exposure, new contract work if you’re looking for it, and product sales. But running multiple blogs isn’t

How Your RSS Feed Can Save Your Blog

You may remember that we recently lost several weeks’ worth of content here at All Freelance Writing. There was apparently a problem with database backups that began after our recent server move that caused the database backups to be incomplete and impossible to restore. While this wasn’t an ideal way to discover that issue, fortunately we had another way to retrieve the last few weeks’

5 Tips for Managing Your Blog When You Go Away

Whether you need a long weekend to unwind or you’re planning an extended vacation or business trip, sometimes life calls for a little blog vacation. This is when either you walk away from blog management completely for a while or when you alter / decrease the time you spend on your blog while you’re away. But when you need time off, how can you keep

Merging or Moving Your Website or Blog: When is it Worth It?

Should you merge two of your blogs into one? How about combining your professional site and niche blog that are currently on different domains? Is it time to simply change the domain of your site for branding reasons? I’ve gone through a lot of site mergers and re-branding efforts over the years, and I’m going through another one right now. Today let’s talk about making

Freelance Writers: How to Prioritize Your Own Projects

I made a comment on Twitter last week about blog posts. I mentioned how my titles for client blog posts tend to be much better than those for my own sites, and how maybe I should start treating my own projects as I would a client’s. Others chimed in with similar sentiments and LaToya thought it would make for a good blog post idea. Let’s

How To Promote Your Freelance Writing Blog Using Social Media

Last week I mentioned that I was moving away from more traditional construction DIY projects and focusing on those that could have an actual impact upon your freelance writing business. Starting with how to install a WordPress theme on your freelance writing blog last week, this week we’re going to take an introductory look into how to promote your freelance writing blog using 5 different

Freelance Bloggers, Why Don't You Write about Your Experience Rather than Someone Else's?

Lately I’ve noticed a disturbing trend while reading various freelance writing blogs. I’ve watched people act like authorities on subjects they obviously had little to no experience actually doing. The clues that these blog posts were by posers instead of professionals were there for all to see. The writers showed an obvious lack of knowledge about what they were talking about, the advice was the

Are You a Sucker for Ego-Stroking Comment Spam?

If you run a blog, chances are good that you’re going to get hit with blog comment spam. There are tools, like Akismet, to help combat this problem in blogging. But Akismet doesn’t catch everything. Blog comment spammers keep getting more clever. It seems like it’s more difficult every day to separate the spam from true comments. What’s sad though is that spammers take advantage

Are You a Slave to Your Blog Sponsors?

One of the topics we cover here quite a bit is blogging. More specifically, I share tips on how to use blogging to get freelance writing jobs and how to make money blogging directly. Let’s talk more about the latter. Some writers want to make their blog a serious income stream, and others simply want to earn a little bit of money while their blog

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Delete Your Blog Posts

Now you see it, now you don’t. The blog post you read in your feed reader an hour ago was deleted by the blogger. But why? It always baffles me when I’m reading a blog and suddenly the content changes (as in it vanishes). There’s rarely a good excuse for it, although I’m sure there are some. Before you think twice about a post and

Five Signs You Might Be a Blogwhore

Dear reader, I’ve called you here today for an intervention. Oh sure. It started out innocently enough. You started out at Blogspot (maybe even Livejournal!) and put your ideas out there. It was pretty nice catching up on your infrequent and irregular posts. Once in awhile you would put up several posts in a week, other times you wouldn’t update for months on end. It

Who Are You When You Blog?

We’ve been talking about blogging here lately — mostly how to successfully earn from your own. And that’s had me thinking about blogger personalities a bit. Let’s talk about it. Your Blogger Persona You have two basic paths you can take when it comes to blogging. You can be real or you can be fake. Sure, you could fall somewhere in between, but for the

Freelance Writers: Earn Residual Income From Your Blog

Previously I talked about why I consider residual income sites and content mills to be bad business decisions for freelance writers. I also promised to later talk to you about how you can earn decent residual income, but by writing for yourself — your own blog. Let’s talk about that now. Why Blog for Yourself? For some reason, many writers I talk to are afraid

How to Setup a Domain and WordPress Blog Using Cpanel Hosting

Kathleen Roberts (a QFF reader) recently asked for tips on setting up an add-on domain name through Cpanel (a popular control panel used by hosting companies), setting up a WordPress installation on that domain, and then uploading and installing the Depeche WordPress theme I’m giving away free here to members (you have to be a member and be logged in to view that link’s content

Is Immediacy (re Twitter and Blogging) a Good Thing for Writers?

Anyone can publish anything at any time on a blog or microblogging service, like Twitter. But does the fact that you can publish immediately mean that you should? Personally, I think the answer to that question is a resounding “NO.” I’d like to share some thoughts on the immediacy issue today as it might apply to journalism and get some of your own feedback. The

Two Ways to Add a Blog to Your Professional Website

In response to one of my guest posts on my blog tour last week, (pretty sure that’s where it was) someone mentioned wanting to set up a professional website to move their service listings off of their blog. In other cases, I’ve seen writers inquiring about how to take an existing static site and add a blog to it. In short, a combination of the

You Can't Help Everyone: When to Let Readers Fend for Themselves

As a blogger or content writer, chances are good that you’ll be contacted by readers from time to time. They may have questions about what you’ve written, or questions about your niche unrelated to your article or post. You probably try to be as helpful as you can–responding to comments, answering emails, giving advice when asked for it, and just generally trying to help your

Easy Ways to Find New Article or Blog Post Ideas

It’s almost inevitable – if you build a large content site or blog, at one time or another you’ll likely feel that there’s nothing left to talk about. Fortunately, unless you’ve chosen an incredibly limited niche, that’s not the case. There are always other topics to write about in your niche, or other angles to topics you’ve already covered in your articles or blog posts.

Media Coverage for Your Blog (or Yourself!) – Radio Interviews

Darren Rowse recently posted an article on ProBlogger about How to Get Media Coverage for Your Blog. Given that PR is my primary area of expertise, it’s a subject pretty near and dear to my heart – I’ve decided to expand upon it here. After reading one of the latest comments about someone doing a radio interview, giving their blog URL (www.IrishPolyglot.com) in the interview,

Freelance Writing Challenge – Blog Evaluations

While I know today’s freelance writing challenge won’t apply to everyone, I think enough freelance writers are also bloggers to make this a worthwhile exercise. Today we’re going to evaluate our blogs – basically look at the factors that come into play when you want to sell a blog, and use that evaluation as a guide to see where we could improve our blog’s value

My First Content Site (And How it Helped Me Get Into Freelance Web Writing)

Now I work as a full-time, Web-based freelance business writer, but that wasn’t always the case. When I first went into business for myself, I specialized in music PR – writing on the Web was something I soon after started doing on the side. But how did I go from music PR to freelance Web writing? A reader emailed me yesterday asking me to share

What Makes Someone a Professional Blogger?

Not too long ago (it may have been on a forum or something), I saw someone say that you aren’t a “professional writer” until you’re earning six figures. I think most of us would disagree with that (I’d reckon that most “professional writers” – authors, journalists, etc. – aren’t earning a solid six figures every year actually). However, it got me thinking about professional blogging

Invest in Your Writing Career and Build a Richer Future

I took most of this week off from client projects to devote time to my own, and I’d like to talk today about why you should consider it too – investing in your freelance writing future. We’re not talking about investing money (at least not much). We’re just talking about time – your most valuable asset as a service provider. Why should you reserve some

Why Should Clients Pay You More Just for Doing Your Job?

I was doing a bit of blog reading this morning, and came across this quote in regards to freelance writers bidding low on writing jobs when they’re new: “A novice copywriter can start with a low price at first. Companies will eventually increase the pay of a copywriter who always submits quality work.” I see this being said to new writers of all varieties all