Where Should You Spend Your Book Marketing Budget?

As an indie author, you’ll find plenty of people and companies that would happily try to part you from your money, all in the name of book marketing or publicity. But, again as an indie, you might have a limited book marketing budget to work with. So where should you spend it? This topic came up here previously, starting off with a discussion about writing contests,

71 Tools and Tactics for Your Book Marketing Plan

In my recent book marketing plan series I shared a book marketing plan outline. One element of that outline involved marketing and PR tactics to support your larger promotional strategy. These are the specific things you’ll do to promote your book and your visibility as an author. While I’m working on a short e-book covering basic book marketing and PR tactics, I wanted to give

Book Marketing Begins Before You Write Your Book

Book marketing and book publicity aren’t afterthoughts to writing your book or e-book. You should be thinking about book marketing before you even sit down and begin writing. While pre-launch book marketing efforts are important for all authors, they’re especially vital to indie authors. Because indie publishing means you’re going into business and bringing your own product to market, you can’t afford to neglect the

Why Author PR can be more Important than Book PR

We all know that you have to promote your books if you want them to sell. We should also all know that book PR is a great component of that whole process – the part where you show your book is relevant to potential readers, bring it to their attention, and get some buzz generated. But when working on a book PR campaign, I think