Fear, Confidence, Lying, and Using What You’ve Got (Podcast)

Princess Jones is back at it again, co-hosting the All Freelance Writing Podcast. OK. She pretty much ran the show. But that’s why we had so much fun with this one. We chatted about fear and confidence issues writers often deal with. Listen now. (Extended cut) *Note: This episode contains explicit language. Also, if you prefer the shorter version you can find it at the bottom

When is the Best Time to Make Cold Calls

Lately, we have been discussing cold calling as a marketing method quite a bit. For example, my last post touched on how to discuss freelance pricing during a cold call. This time around, I want to take a closer look at when you should be making cold calls. If you are going to spend time on the phone, you might as well give yourself the

How to Increase Call Backs from Voicemail Messages

If you spend any amount of time cold calling, you will soon find that your primary targets are not always available to talk. For this reason, you have two options: Call back at a later time and/or date Leave a voicemail message and hope for a return call While there are pros and cons of both options, I always prefer to leave a voicemail message.

A Recent Cold Calling Experience

As you may have noticed by now, I am in the guy at All Freelance Writing who talks about marketing. While most of my posts are tips and how-to articles, I wanted to give some “first hand experience advice” this time around. Last week, I decided to make 25 cold calls to local businesses. Gasp! I am sure some of you get scared even thinking