10 Reasons Your Guest Post Pitches Get Ignored

Every week I receive dozens of guest post pitches across all of my blogs, and it’s not uncommon for that to creep over 100 in a week (and those are just the ones making it past my inbox filters; imagine how many bigger blogs must have to sort through). Yet I respond to less than 10% of those pitches. Even fewer result in guest posts

Get More Out of Your Blog by Repurposing Blog Content

Recently you might have noticed that I’ve been adding audio versions to some All Freelance Writing blog posts. One example is “Gamification: Make Freelance Writing More Fun.” Not only can new visitors read the original post, but they can choose to listen if that’s what they prefer. And now they have another option: a condensed version in a SlideShare presentation. Why would you want to

Weekend Reading: Content Marketing Tips and Tools

This weekend, let’s focus on content marketing tips and and tools for writers. Whether you’re using content marketing to promote your blog, book, or freelance writing business, you’re bound to learn something new from at least one of these three resources. Enjoy! Content Marketing Tips: Sage Advice from World Class Writers By Jimmy Rodela at SocialMediaToday.com This post compiles content marketing tips from some of the

The Easy Editorial Calendar Template for Bloggers

It’s no secret that I usually have a lot going on as a writer. I run quite a few blogs of my own. I take on freelance writing projects for clients. I write nonfiction e-books. And I’m working on much more fiction this year as well. As a result, one of the biggest questions I get from colleagues in my network is “how do you