Publication Rights for Freelance Article Writers (Infographic)

This week’s “short share” is an infographic from Brian Scott and It presents common examples of publication rights freelance writers might come across while negotiating contracts. This is important information to know. I meet new writers all the time who assume that copyrights automatically transfer to clients simply because they’ve paid for the end result. That isn’t the case. Contract language has to be

Branding Tips for Writers (Podcast)

The latest episode of the writing podcast is up. This episode is all about branding for writers. It covers: Basic branding tips for writers Copyright concerns over sharing excerpts to your book to generate reader interest A tool to help you come up with better, brandable domain names for your professional website or blog View the show notes or listen below.

Weekend Reading: Copyright for Writers

One of the most important issues for professional writers is also one of the least understood — copyright law. Your ability to make a living from your writing revolves largely around your copyrights and your ability to license those rights to third parties. For this week’s “weekend reading” resources, let’s brush up on some of the basics. Enjoy! Know Your Copyrights — A Legal Guide

Copyright Concerns When Crossing the Client-Employer Line

In the past we’ve explored some of the problems with letting clients cross a line by treating you more like an employee than an independent contractor. For example, if they cross that line and are held accountable they could end up paying back taxes and benefits. That can be a good reason to pursue issues when clients are really employers trying to scam the system

Weekend Reading: Content Theft

If you’ve ever run a website or blog of your own, chances are good you’ve had some of your content stolen. This can be an especially frustrating situation if you find that the thief took not only one of your articles, but the entire contents of your website or blog through scraping. I’m currently working on a guest post for Kathryn Aragon about why shutting

Avoid Plagiarism by Copying Yourself

I discovered that I am one of the greenest people out there. See, last year I wrote this article about the holidays on giving gifts and maybe doing freelance writing for family members instead of actually giving out presents. Funny, as an article, but not great. I don’t think I’d put together something like that now like I did then, especially since I have matured

Don’t be a Victim. Stop Content Thieves Dead in Their Tracks

If you blog, you’ll likely come across at least one content thief in the process. They’ll take your articles (usually in full) and they’ll publish them on their own sites so they can either monetize your work or use it to build their own false authority. As someone who makes a living from writing, I find content theft infuriating. I’m also the wrong person to

Should You Hold Onto Print Rights?

Let’s talk specifically about Web content writers today, and the rights they give up when they sell their work. In many cases, when a client purchases Web content from you, their primary objective is to target search terms for traffic or online readers. Most have no use for your content beyond their websites or blogs, leaving potential non-competing reprint markets available as an additional income

Protected by Copyscape – So What?

I saw someone on a forum giving a blogger really bad advice today – essentially that sticking a stupid Copyscape banner (like the one below) will actually somehow protect their content for them. That’s such a load of BS. Here’s what sticking a Copyscape banner on your site really says: Go ahead and steal my site content, b/c I’m quite obviously not aware of how

What to do When Someone Steals Your Work

It’s so easy to steal content on the Web these days that it feels like “everyone” is doing it sometimes.  Whether it’s through publishing your blog content from an RSS feed without consent (a debatable issue in and of itself) to blatantly ripping content from a site, what can you do to protect your rights when someone steals your work?  Here are a few tips