Freelance Marketing – Market Research and Planning

This week we’re running a five-post series for writers looking to leave content mills like Demand Media Studios behind them. Yesterday we took a look at three types of freelance writing jobs you can pursue, starting today. If you’re considering a change to grow your business, you should start there and narrow down your specialty area. Once you have a freelance writing specialty in mind,

Demand Media Strikes Back at PBS and Writers Everywhere – Yawn

Many of you probably caught this post on about content farms last week. When I read it, I found it very interesting that Demand Media turned down the opportunity to be interviewed for the piece. Usually, they can’t be tamed when it comes to spouting their really cool: Hey, we never said we were journalists… but look at our awesome brand of service journalism

Demand Studios: Beyond the Rate Debate

Today I want to take a look at some criticisms of Demand Studios other than the low rate argument. And I’m going to give you facts — lots of them — so you can make your own decisions about some of these issues and whether or not writing for Demand Studios is a smart move in your situation. So today I want to follow up on