Recommended Resource: NameSilo for Domain Registrations

If you’ve been a long-time reader, you probably know I run a lot of websites. And you might have seen me mention that GoDaddy was my registrar of choice (or at least the one I used and recommended). For years, GoDaddy had the best deals. While that might not matter much if you only need to register a few domains at a time, the savings

Merging or Moving Your Website or Blog: When is it Worth It?

Should you merge two of your blogs into one? How about combining your professional site and niche blog that are currently on different domains? Is it time to simply change the domain of your site for branding reasons? I’ve gone through a lot of site mergers and re-branding efforts over the years, and I’m going through another one right now. Today let’s talk about making

How to Setup a Domain and WordPress Blog Using Cpanel Hosting

Kathleen Roberts (a QFF reader) recently asked for tips on setting up an add-on domain name through Cpanel (a popular control panel used by hosting companies), setting up a WordPress installation on that domain, and then uploading and installing the Depeche WordPress theme I’m giving away free here to members (you have to be a member and be logged in to view that link’s content

Choosing a Domain Name for Your Book Site or Blog

Not too long ago we talked about character blogs, and I mentioned that I wanted to start one for a novel I’m working on. I’m a big believer in the pre-launch, and want a blog not only setup but bringing in decent traffic and reader interaction before I even consider pitching a manuscript to publishers down the road. To do that, I needed to get