How Many Freelance Writing Projects do You Take on Each Month?

The number of actual projects (or clients) I take on each month as a freelance writer can vary pretty greatly, and more clients doesn’t always mean more income (often the opposite). So I’m curious – do you seem to have a typical number of projects each month, or do you vary a lot with your freelance writing work too? In the past, I worked mostly

The 3 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Freelance Writers Make

Let’s forget about “good” writers today – I want you to think about successful writers. Do you know what they tend to have in common? They’re strong marketers. Being a solid writer simply isn’t enough. Remember, freelance writing is a business – treat it like one, and you’ll improve your chances of reaching whatever goals you set for yourself. Unfortunately, sometimes even the best writers

Lessons on Freelance Writing from the Dating Scene

A chill runs down your spine. Your palms are getting sweaty. You’ve laid it all on the line. You’ve put yourself “out there.” You want them – bad. You share the same goals and ideals. You know you’d be a compatible match. But will they say yes? Or will they reject you? No, we’re not talking about that elusive “perfect man” (or woman). Then again,

Freelance Writers and Referral Fees: Would You Charge (or Pay) One?

I know a few writers (and other professionals who sometimes refer writers) who charge a referral fee. I have a strict policy on not accepting referrals for freelance writing jobs that come with this kind of fee, and I never charge one. How do you feel about them? How Referral Fees Work Here’s an example of how a referral fee might work, based on a

Don't Market Freelance Writing Services on Price

Are you trying to build your freelance writing career around price? Do you figure if you offer the lowest rates, you’ll be more successful than all of those writers who “charge too much?” Have you ever lowered your rates just because you saw cheaper services getting picked more often? Do you assume more freelance writing jobs equals a better writing career? Uh oh. You may

Why Freelance Writers Should Never Write Free Samples

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads for freelance writing jobs where you’re asked to write and send a custom sample. Something like: “Must include a unique sample article (at least 300 words) on paying down student loan debts, following the article format at Applicants who do not submit a sample will not be considered.” Every time I see something like this I can’t help

Why Should Clients Pay You More Just for Doing Your Job?

I was doing a bit of blog reading this morning, and came across this quote in regards to freelance writers bidding low on writing jobs when they’re new: “A novice copywriter can start with a low price at first. Companies will eventually increase the pay of a copywriter who always submits quality work.” I see this being said to new writers of all varieties all

Setting Freelance Writing Rates so You Don’t Get Screwed

We’re getting close to the end of the year, and there’s no better time to rethink our freelance writing rates. While I’ve already covered the issue here and on the writing forums, I want to revisit the topic again by taking a close look at the numbers and possible freelance writing rate strategies. Common Strategies for Setting Freelance Writing Rates Per word Per project Per