The Evolution of the Freelance Writing Industry: 10 Years of Positive Changes

All Freelance Writing has served the freelance writing community for ten years now. And what a journey it’s been! Not only has this site changed significantly, going through two re-brandings — from to to, but the industry itself has changed quite a bit in that time. Some of those changes are good. Some, not so much. And lately we’ve even seen trends

How to Quickly Find Advertised Freelance Writing Jobs

“The best freelance writing jobs are almost never publicly advertised.” This is something I’ve pointed out countless times over the years. Yet one of the biggest questions I get from new writers is “where do I find gigs?” The best gigs aren’t usually advertised for a few reasons. Clients already have contacts that can refer qualified writers. They prefer to search for a writer on

5 Lucrative and In-Demand Writing Gigs

Digital marketing. Engagement. Online advertorials.  These aren’t just buzz words that marketers throw around to sound smart; they’re clear indicators of businesses’ growing needs in the digital age. Why am I bringing them up? Because over the past few years, I noticed a sharp increase in the demand for certain types of content. I’m getting fewer requests for physical flyers or brochures, and more pings

5 Online Writing Jobs for Beginners

Are you a new freelance writer looking to write online? When you’re just getting started as a freelance writer, you probably have a lot of questions. And one of those questions is probably about what kinds of gigs are actually open to new writers. If you want to focus on writing for the Web, there are several types of gigs you can find, no matter

3 Things I Don’t Want To Hear When Hiring Writers

If you read my previous blog post, you’ll know that over the past few years I’ve gone from being a part time freelance writer, regularly pitching for projects, to working in a full time role, hiring freelance writers for content production on an array of different topics. When I was freelance writing myself full time, I thought I had a good idea of just what

3 Freelance Fiction Writing Jobs to Explore

When we talk about freelance writing jobs, we usually focus on nonfiction writing like magazine features or business documents. We talk about that side of freelance writing more for two reasons. First, it’s where most of the jobs are. It’s also where most of the money will come from for the bulk of us. But there’s another side of freelance writing — writing fiction on

When to Seek New Freelance Writing Opportunities

It can be easy to get comfortable in a routine as a freelance writer. And sometimes that means we don’t continue to market our services as much as we should — something we should do even when our schedules are full. So today let’s look at some signs that you should seek out new freelance writing opportunities. Some are signs that you’ve waited too long

Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners: Where to Start

I’m a big fan of what I like to call “query-free freelancing.” That means I don’t generally pursue freelance writing jobs. I do things that attract clients to me instead. For example, I run blogs that keep me fresh in prospects’ minds and I make sure my business site is well-optimized for search engines so I’m one of the first writers prospects find when they search for

When Clients Attack: An Elance Story

I had just finished graduate school and needed a job. The problem with getting a Master’s in English with emphasis in Creative Writing is that there is no career development course in the curriculum. There may not be one in any other major either, but with this particular course of study, it seems to be completely necessary.  If you’re really interested in being a teacher,

How to Handle Overbooking Freelance Writing Work

I previously talked about why it’s a good idea to pursue too many freelance writing jobs. However, what should you do if you overbook yourself as a result of your marketing, pitching and prospecting? You’re at a point other freelance writers would envy, so congratulations! The work is coming in and your marketing efforts are paying off. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not still difficult

Why You Should Pursue Too Many Jobs in Freelance Writing

Freelancing can be a difficult job. You work long hours, sometimes after a full-time job and other responsibilities, and have to deal with the feast and famine cycle that is common with contracting work. A good way to combat this is to pursue more jobs than you can take on each month. Here’s why you should do it and a few ways this will help

Should Freelance Writers Work Overtime?

Do you ever put in long hours, working overtime? Are you strictly against working overtime as a freelance writer? There are good cases both for and against these late nights, working weekends, or whatever kind of overtime schedule you might have. Today I’d like to share a few thoughts on when I work overtime, when I think it’s smart to work extra hours, and why I think

Why I Gave up a $37k Blogging Gig Over Professional Ethics

What do you value more as a freelance writer — money or your reputation and professional ethics? For me, it’s the latter without a doubt. It’s not uncommon for me to turn down new prospects for ethical reasons. There are some niches I won’t touch. And there are clients with histories I wouldn’t want to associate myself with. They include anything from sponsorships from content

Applying For Your First Writing Gig: What to Include

When you are starting your freelance writing career, finding new clients always seems like a daunting task. How does a writer find new potential clients and how do we approach them once we do? Do we send them an e-mail or do we call them? Do we attach our CV’s or do we just concentrate on sending our best samples? I was always confused as

Freelance Marketing — Moving Beyond Job Boards

This article is a part of a five post series for Demand Media Studios writers and others interested in leaving content mills and other low paying freelance writing jobs behind.  In our last post we talked about marketing your freelance writing services and how you should focus on basic market research, specialty target markets, and creating a marketing plan instead of aimlessly trying new ways

3 Types of Business Writing That Pay Big Money

Business writing gigs can be some of the most lucrative writing work you’ll ever take on. You can easily earn $100 per hour and more with this kind of work. You can take on projects for corporate clients. Or you can work for small businesses if you prefer (and contrary to popular belief, they often significant budgets to hire professional contractors). What are some examples of

Insulate Yourself From Bad Freelance Clients

Do you ever land bad freelance writing clients? Maybe they’re too needy. Maybe they don’t pay on time. Maybe they expect the world while paying next to nothing. These aren’t good clients to have. Yet many freelancers face these situations. You don’t have to. Here are three simple ways you can better insulate yourself from bad writing clients. 1. Be Choosy As a business owner,

6 Alternative Jobs for Freelance Writers

I love writing. It’s a great job to have and it lets me stretch my mind. But sometimes I just get so tired of writing articles! That’s when I take a break and try something else writing related. Let me tell you what I do to relieve the monotony… Editing & Proofreading A lot of people outsource their content, and the results they get isn’t

Freelancers: Nonprofit Does NOT Mean Non-Paying

A few days ago a colleague shared a story about a recent experience with a nonprofit organization. Here’s the gist of what happened: The client hired the freelance writer for a previous project at the writer’s professional rates. The client had need for a professional writer again. The writer sent a proposal (which the client asked for). The client contacted the writer saying they could

Are Your Former Freelance Clients an Untapped Resource?

When we think about marketing our freelance writing services, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of finding new clients. But what about former clients? Sometimes they get lost in the mix, or are downright forgotten. Do you remember to approach them about potential new writing gigs? Here are a few things you can do to bring old clients back: 1. Reach out.

How to Use (and Not Use) Twitter to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

I made the mistake on Twitter yesterday of searching for “freelance writing” to see what people in the community were talking about. Wow. Just wow. I can’t remember the last time I saw so much spam and so many crap freelance writing jobs in one place. So it got me thinking about finding jobs on Twitter — more specifically finding good freelance writing jobs while

How to Fill a Hole in Your Schedule (the Query-Free Freelancer Way)

You have a fairly packed freelance writing schedule. You have client orders lined up for the next several weeks, and things look good. But then something happens. A project is cancelled. A client suddenly becomes non-responsive. You get a request to postpone something. Whatever the reason, you suddenly find yourself with a hole in your schedule — one that needs to be filled now at

How to Make Your Own Freelance Writing Opportunities

You’ve probably seen or heard this before. Freelance Writer A is having a discussion with new Freelance Writer B. The newer freelancer talks about how they’re struggling to find decent paying freelance writing jobs on job boards and classified sites, and even when they do find one there’s too much competition there. Writer A tells them to hang in there because there really are high

Raise Your Standards to Make Life Changes and Get More Awesome-r

I won’t lie to you guys. Your friendly neighborhood Matt Willard has problems just like you. And some of these problems have proven to be tougher than expected: I’m struggling to make a decent (or any kind of) income off of my comedy writing skills. I’m working to get back into college and finish a degree despite financial debt and transportation issues. I’m actually a

Freelance For Tips!

Yolander sent me a Craigslist posting today that calls for two sassy bloggers to write on various topics. The only catch to this mainly unoriginal posting is that you would not be paid by your employer at all. Not one teensy bit! In fact, you would have to rely on your audience to feed you! See, the employer would set up a tip jar, basically,

Break Studios—Here We Go Again

In this series, we personally test traditional online freelance marketplaces to share first-hand experiences and honest assessments of marketplaces and resulting jobs, as many freelance writers turn to these outlets to find writing gigs. You can read all the posts in the series here. When I was eight, I frequently wore a single, sequined glove and I took break dancing lessons. I was in love

AOL SEED–The Place Where Your Garden May or May Not Grow

In this series, we personally test traditional online freelance marketplaces to share first-hand experiences and honest assessments of marketplaces and resulting jobs, as many freelance writers turn to these outlets to find writing gigs. You can read all the posts in the series here. This week I played around with AOL’s new beta content mill SEED.While I would love to tell you that I felt

How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (That Don't Suck)

Do you want to do my job? I’m pretty good at what I do. I cut through the clutter for you on a weekly basis, finding the best freelance writing jobs out there so that you can save yourself a little time (which, as we all know, is money) and apply for the gigs that work best for you. But you know, I’m only human.

Freelance Copywriting Jobs: How to Find Them

You know I’m a big advocate of query-free freelancing — helping clients find and come to you instead of the other way around. That’s especially important when it comes to finding freelance copywriting jobs. While it’s not uncommon to find regular copywriting work advertised, freelance copywriting is a different story. Yes, some of these jobs are advertised, but many are not. So how do you

Constant Content–The Lamest, Least Researched Content Site Review Ever

In this series, we personally test traditional online freelance marketplaces to share first-hand experiences and honest assessments of marketplaces and resulting jobs, as many freelance writers turn to these outlets to find writing gigs. You can read all the posts in the series here. I’m going to start this week with an apology. When I try out each of these markets for freelance writers it