Freelancing Hits and Misses: Reflections from Sharon Hurley Hall

When I first decided to go freelance I had no idea it would turn into a permanent life choice. At the time, I already had almost 20 years of solid journalism writing experience under my belt, but going online felt like an unfamiliar and slightly scary world. So I did what I do best: experimented till I found what worked. Looking back on it after

The Perils (and Benefits) of Reviewing Indie Fiction

I think most people by nature are polite. Maybe more so with authors, because we’ve had our hearts ripped out and stomped on repeatedly by literary agents and publishers. And maybe there’s some unwritten code I don’t know about, that says if you’re an author and you’re reviewing someone else’s work, you have to give them five stars and a glowing review. If that’s the

It’s Writer’s Worth Month 2015!

Every year Lori Widmer of Words on the Page hosts Writer’s Worth Month. In Lori’s words, the mission of Writer’s Worth Month is “to reach freelance writers and help them gain confidence in the value of their skills.” In other words, it’s about helping you earn more and build a more successful writing business. To do this, Lori features a series of posts — both

When Your Client’s Baby is Ugly

I use the baby analogy a lot when I’m talking about freelancing. So often we freelancers forget that the project means a lot more to the client than it does to us. That’s because it’s their baby. They created–gave birth–to it. They nurtured it and put in the hard work to get it where it is today. And then they realized they could only do

Action: The Key Ingredient for a Successful Writing Career

As writers we always try to improve our craft. We subscribe to magazines and read blogs and articles on how we can get better. We spend hours on social media websites promoting our latest blog series or stumping for a guest posting gig. We read in our niche so we can keep current on trends. The problem is when we allow all of this to

Math for Freelance Writers: Why Numbers Matter in Your Writing Career

Today Yo Prinzel was kind enough to host a guest post of mine on her new blog, The Profitable Freelancer. Please stop by and check it out. Why You’ll Fail at Freelancing if You Suck at Math In the post I go over three areas where math can make or break your freelance writing business, along with a few tips and tools to make the

4 More Tips for Freelance Ghostwriters

We’ve finally reached the last post of my ghostwriting series. I want to thank you all for reading along; I hope you got something of value out of it. I’d like to close the series with a few extra tips to help your own ghostwriting efforts. The four final tips aren’t part of any unifying theme other than, here be some good things you should

How and Where to Look for Blogging Inspiration

A man will turn over half a library to make one book. ~ Samuel Johnson When inspiration turns elusive, writers have a hard time stringing words together. For freelancers though such dry spells can become troublesome, especially when there’s a looming deadline! So, how do you deal with these periods of no-inspiration? How to Find Blogging Inspiration Here are some solutions for this problem, and

Using Social Media to Find Writing Gigs

Freelance writers love the Internet. Whenever a company creates an ecommerce site, a newsletter, a blog or an informational website, they need people to write content. Writing opportunities abound online for writers, but only if you look in the right places. Scams and low-paying jobs are everywhere online. How often have you seen an ad demanding exceptional writing skills, no need for proofing or editing,

When Clients Attack: An Elance Story

I had just finished graduate school and needed a job. The problem with getting a Master’s in English with emphasis in Creative Writing is that there is no career development course in the curriculum. There may not be one in any other major either, but with this particular course of study, it seems to be completely necessary.  If you’re really interested in being a teacher,

How to Handle Overbooking Freelance Writing Work

I previously talked about why it’s a good idea to pursue too many freelance writing jobs. However, what should you do if you overbook yourself as a result of your marketing, pitching and prospecting? You’re at a point other freelance writers would envy, so congratulations! The work is coming in and your marketing efforts are paying off. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not still difficult

9 Rookie Blunders that Will Cost You Freelance Gigs

Ever wonder why you never hear back from the jobs you apply to? If you have done everything right, chances are that you are not the best fit for the position – maybe they can’t afford you or maybe they are looking for something else. Or, they have found someone even better. If that’s the case, at least you rest knowing that you did everything

5 Big Reasons Why You Want to be a Freelance Writer

Have you ever dreamed of waking up on a Monday morning full of sun glitter, stretching into a sprightly grin that even makes your cat look grumpy, and boomeranging out of bed with the fervent amusement left to three-year-olds on Pop Rocks? I know, it seems like a distant reverie that you could ever be that…happy. Instead, how did your Monday morning play out? Was

Applying For Your First Writing Gig: What to Include

When you are starting your freelance writing career, finding new clients always seems like a daunting task. How does a writer find new potential clients and how do we approach them once we do? Do we send them an e-mail or do we call them? Do we attach our CV’s or do we just concentrate on sending our best samples? I was always confused as

How to Network, Find Clients, and Grow Your Writing Career

It should be easy, right? Forget that some writers, editors, and business owners have major connections and networks. It’s tempting to see them as ‘dollar signs,’ but the truth is, they’re complex people with feelings, busy lives, personalities, and quirks. They’re human beings. It’s a dream come true when you meet people and you think they’ll help you grow your writing career, but a part

Choosing a Word Processing App for Your iPad

Whether you’re an early adopter, just received an iPad (what a fun Easter basket!), or you’re thinking about buying yourself an iPad tablet device, as a freelance writer, you’re faced with a very big decision. What word processing app will you use? What to Look For in a Word Processor What does a freelance writer need from a word processor? We aren’t your average typing

18 Local Prospects You May Not Have Considered To Pitch

When I started freelancing I thought I had to look for gigs far, far away. I live in Italy — a country where freelance is still a synonim for penny-pay— so that might be true to a certain extent, but ‘far away’ is NOT the only place you can go prospecting, much like browsing the Writers Market isn’t the only way you can find markets

The Easy Fifteen-Minute Marketing Plan

You wake up, get that cup of caffeine, go through your morning ritual, then work through your daily ritual of writing. Marketing? Yea, that doesn’t happen because you’re busy. Yet if you have fifteen minutes to play Facebook games, you have plenty of time to locate new clients and more projects. Just fifteen minutes – that’s less time than it takes to run to the

Invisible Friends Are for Kids and Crazy People

As a firm believer in freelancing the way you want, I try to stay away from stereotyping my peers. But I have noticed–and maybe you have, too–that freelancers tend to have a lot of invisible friends. And, by “invisible” I mean people they’ve never met. Whether through social media connections, blogging communities and freelancing forums, I know a lot of people pretty intimately that I

6 Alternative Jobs for Freelance Writers

I love writing. It’s a great job to have and it lets me stretch my mind. But sometimes I just get so tired of writing articles! That’s when I take a break and try something else writing related. Let me tell you what I do to relieve the monotony… Editing & Proofreading A lot of people outsource their content, and the results they get isn’t

To Grow or Not to Grow?

In early 2010, I made the difficult decision to leave the public sector in order to start my own writing and strategy firm, Inkwell Strategies.  After serving as a speechwriter for the legislative and executive branches of government, I was ready for a new challenge. After making the decision to go out on my own, my first step was to seek advice from friends and

Writers: Expect More

Four years ago this week I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I started my own hissy-fit inspired movement – Writers Worth Day – which has now morphed into Writers Worth Week, an annual awareness campaign designed to help writers everywhere uncover their own value. In that spirit, I want to urge you to expect more. Expect more of your clients, your value, and your