Freelance Writing Away From Home (& Mini Writing Retreats)

If you work from a home office most of the time, things can start to feel a bit dull before long. There might come a time when you want to work on freelance writing projects pretty much anywhere else just for a change of scenery. You could take the traditional routes of office-sharing, working in cafes, or writing from your local library (a great option

The Sitting / Standing Desk Combo That Eases My Back and Neck Pain

When you work long hours at a desk, it can be more than uncomfortable. It can be downright painful. Hunching forward to see your screen better… always looking down at your monitor… simply sitting too long. None of that is good for you. And it used to leave me with constant back and neck pain. The solution for me was one part yoga and one

Weekend Reading: Your Home Office

One of the biggest perks of freelancing is being able to work from home. And that often involves a home office of some kind — from a separate room to a corner of the kitchen table. This week we’re going to take a look at tips and examples of home offices for freelance writers, and tips on keeping that home office organized. If you’re still

How to Furnish Your Home Office on a Budget

When we work from home as freelancers, sometimes we don’t have much control over our work environment. For example, some writers work from their kitchen tables. A benefit of working in a pre-established area of the home is that you don’t have to worry about furnishing a separate office space. But what if you do have a freelance office, but not a huge budget to furnish it?

Building the Perfect Freelance Office

The environment I’m in influences the quality of my work, or at the very least how I feel about the work. For example, I can’t write in bed. I can’t sit with a laptop in bed and expect to create great things. I’d rather just sleep so long as I’m there. I need a real office space where I feel empowered and professional in order

My Office Conundrum

I just got finished laying engineering hardwood in the foyer and living room and there’s only one room left –my office/dining room/library. The front room of my house is having an identity crisis and frankly, it’s stressing me out. As a mom who works at home part of the time, I need to have my office in the middle of the madness. This means I

Freelance Fitness: Use a Standing Desk

This week’s Freelance Fitness post isn’t really about an exercise tip for freelancers, but it is about finding a way to burn more calories while you work. As freelance writers, we probably spend far too much time sitting on our arses in front of a computer, whether that be in our home office, in our favorite cafe, or even under a tree at the park.

How To Build A Home Office – The Desk

When I first started freelancing, I realised that my productivity decreased if I were working from my laptop in a room where there were distractions of some sort. Whether it was the TV, radio, girlfriend or cats, I found that I was producing more work on a quicker basis when I was alone. So, mixing my passion for DIY with my need for a separate

How to Take the Home Office Tax Deduction

One of the reasons you decided to work freelance, whether part-time or full-time, is to have the chance to work from home. You may receive some tax benefits from having a home office. Read on to learn how can you take the home office deduction on your taxes. Home Office Deduction Rules First, the IRS requires you to use your home office “exclusively and regularly”

Pets in the Workplace

I love my cats. I really do. But today I was reminded of why I don’t like having pets in my workplace. But first, here are the little brats: I converted about a third of my bedroom into an office years ago. I sleep in there for hours. I work in there for hours. I don’t let the cats in there. You know how cats

What I've Already Learned in 2010

Today my vacation time comes to an end. For the last week and a half I’ve enjoyed some time off. I didn’t go anywhere exciting, but rather just enjoyed some peace and quiet and finished a lot of much-needed housework (although I’ll still be cleaning and re-organizing for weeks I’m sure — haven’t tackled the dreaded closets yet!). Even though we’re only a few days

6 Essentials for Every Work-At-Home Parent

Anyone with a home office needs an arsenal of tools and tricks of the trade. Parents, however, need not only the basic office supplies, but other essentials as well to balance their obligations to family and professional lives. The needs of each individual and family can vary, but here are a few of my essentials as a work-at-home parent. Your Own Computer If you’re sharing

DIY Office Basics for Freelance Writers: How to Hang Shelves

If you’re anything like me, your office is a tiny cell of a room where there’s barely enough room for your bed and your fainting couch, and opening the filing cabinet can turn into an acrobatic feat. When saddled with limited office space, its time to think vertical and utilize your wall space. This month’s freelancer DIY project is how to hang shelves. Even if

Carving Out a Real WAHM Work Space

Every freelancer needs a real work space –a place to tackle your projects and assignments without wrestling with your child’s latest play dough creations and free from the risk of any crayon incidents on important contracts. It can be a trick to find the ideal space for a work-at-home mom or any other freelancer as many of us don’t have the luxury of our own

Organize Your Office on the Cheap with These DIY Cork Board Projects

Before I was a freelance writer, I was a branch manager at a corporation. Whenever I needed something for the office, I found it in a catalog, placed an order, and welcomed the FedEx guy a few days later. Now that I’m in charge of my own office, though, those catalog prices begin to look exorbitantly expensive. Why pay over $100 for a large white

5 Ways to Get More Done Today

When you work as a freelance writer, you generally have a lot of control over your own schedule. That may sound great, but what it often means is that we’re prone to procrastination and distractions – it’s too easy to say “Well, I can always just work extra hours later tonight to finish this up.” It doesn’t have to be hard to be more productive