Free Book Marketing Plan Outline

Continuing with this week’s series on book marketing plans, it’s time for a freebie. This is a book marketing plan outline that you can use This book marketing plan outline is a short form “real” marketing plan for indie authors (meaning it goes beyond a simple, and often untargeted, list of tactics). While a simple list might be fine when pitching publishers, a list of marketing

Are you Following up on your Marketing Activity?

If you are going to market your freelance writing services, you might as well do whatever you can to achieve as much success as possible. This means following up on all activity, from cold calls to direct mail and everything in between. It is easy to believe that your marketing strategy will take care of itself the first time around. However, this is not always

The Easy Fifteen-Minute Marketing Plan

You wake up, get that cup of caffeine, go through your morning ritual, then work through your daily ritual of writing. Marketing? Yea, that doesn’t happen because you’re busy. Yet if you have fifteen minutes to play Facebook games, you have plenty of time to locate new clients and more projects. Just fifteen minutes – that’s less time than it takes to run to the

Freelance Marketing – Market Research and Planning

This week we’re running a five-post series for writers looking to leave content mills like Demand Media Studios behind them. Yesterday we took a look at three types of freelance writing jobs you can pursue, starting today. If you’re considering a change to grow your business, you should start there and narrow down your specialty area. Once you have a freelance writing specialty in mind,

When Should You Start Your Book Marketing Plan?

When you publish your own book with the intention of selling it, you should always have a marketing plan. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen indie authors make is assuming they don’t need one. They just wing it or rely on a low price or a single distribution outlet to cover all of their marketing. Let’s assume you have more hope than that. For

How Much Time do you Spend on Marketing?

At least once per week I receive an email asking the same question: Chris, how much time per day do you spend on marketing? This is a very important question, but for the most part it is one that does not have a “set” answer. Everyday is different in terms of marketing. For instance, one day I may send three query letters but the next

What to do if your Marketing Plan Fails

Imagine this: you have been relying on the same marketing plan for several months or longer. Everything you do, for the most part, has been working. But out of nowhere you hit a snag and now nothing is breaking your way. What are you going to do? If your marketing plan begins to fail, don’t panic. Instead, follow these steps: Don’t abort what has worked

Stop Making Excuses, Start Making Changes

Every now and then I talk about the excuses freelance writers make for their lack of success when they’re not happy in their careers (and how they need to take personal responsibility if they want to change that). Let’s talk about the latter half — making changes. It’s not enough to knock off the excuses. You stopped blaming the economy for your lack of work.

5 Foolish Mistakes Freelance Writers Make

Everyone makes mistakes. But when it comes to freelance writing, a lot of people make the same mistakes! New writers regularly set themselves up for failure. Even experienced writers get too comfortable in a routine and forget some of the essentials. The thing is, most freelance writing mistakes are easy to avoid. Today let’s look at some of the most common, and most foolish, mistakes

What your Freelance Writing Marketing Plan should entail

Before I get into more complex posts on how to market your freelance writing services, I want to touch on some of the basics. Although I feel that it is very important to have a marketing plan, many aspiring writers do not agree. If you believe that this is a good thing, the following information should help you get started. Believe it or not, your

How to Create a Marketing Plan and Marketing Campaign

Angela Booth had a great post recently that you should check out: Sell Your Writing: Create a Marketing Campaign. She tackles marketing in a way I really love, because I think it addresses the fears many freelance writers have about the actual act of selling their writing services. She offers a reminder that marketing doesn’t mean you have to make cold calls. It doesn’t mean

Marketing Plans for Freelance Writers

Coming from a marketing / PR background, I understand the importance of marketing plans, and consider them vital for any kind of business or independent professional. Yet as a freelancer, I can also understand the reluctance in writing a marketing plan that’s too formal and detailed. Some writers simply don’t know where to start or how to plan their yearly marketing strategies. Others don’t know