Getting Started (or Starting Over): 3 Simple Tasks for Freelance Writers

Are you thinking about jumping into freelance writing for the first time in the New Year? Or are you thinking about starting over or making major changes in your freelance business? In either case, you still have a bit of time to get prepared so you don’t kick off 2018 feeling overwhelmed. I definitely fall in the latter group this year. To say nothing has

3 Tools for More Productive and Organized Writing

Today marks the start of my usual year-end vacation, meaning I won’t be around much until the New Year (January 4th in this case). Before taking these yearly breaks I spend a lot of time evaluating my previous year. It’s how I set goals for the next year, but it’s also when I look at the tools and processes I’ve been using to decide what

Review of The Freelancer Planner

Not long ago I was contacted by Michelle Nickolaisen, asking if I’d like to review The Freelancer Planner. Of course I said “yes.” Planners? Organization? Schedules? She clearly knew the way to this freelancer’s heart. Total organization junkie over here. Michelle sent over a review copy of the downloadable version of her planner. This is a six-page .pdf planner (minus the cover page) that you can print

5 Tips for Becoming a Happier and More Productive Freelance Writer

It’s one thing to enjoy the freedom freelance writing offers. But sometimes we still get overwhelmed. Deadlines loom, payments might seem to take forever, and our to-do lists could occupy a mile-long scroll. Fortunately there are some things you can do to make yourself more productive than ever, and even happier in your freelance writing work. Here are five tips to help you become a

Freelance Writers: How to Prioritize Your Own Projects

I made a comment on Twitter last week about blog posts. I mentioned how my titles for client blog posts tend to be much better than those for my own sites, and how maybe I should start treating my own projects as I would a client’s. Others chimed in with similar sentiments and LaToya thought it would make for a good blog post idea. Let’s

Organized Marketing

I interrupt this scheduled broadcast (a blog post about organized marketing) to bring you an important message from one of the most valuable teachers a freelance writer can ever learn from: experience. As in over the past few weeks I have experienced the loss of two computers and a hard drive and have had to keep business as usual up. This catastrophic situation was made

Slaying the Email Dragon: Email Management Tips

Email is a conquest all freelance writers face. Generally daily. It steals our attention, our time and that means our money. This year, make sure that you slay the email dragon, not smolder in its clutches. Some simple email management tips could help. Geeky fantasy imagery aside, spending too much time and energy on email is a serious problem for freelance writers. The time spent

What I've Already Learned in 2010

Today my vacation time comes to an end. For the last week and a half I’ve enjoyed some time off. I didn’t go anywhere exciting, but rather just enjoyed some peace and quiet and finished a lot of much-needed housework (although I’ll still be cleaning and re-organizing for weeks I’m sure — haven’t tackled the dreaded closets yet!). Even though we’re only a few days

The Freelance Writer's Guide to Project Management

I do a lot of Internet searches and ask freelance writing colleagues a lot of questions about project management for freelance writers–and as a productivity and organization nerd, I’ve been sorely disappointed. I, like most writers, like to tweak everything until it is maximally effective, so I’ve found that an action-based and simplistic approach to project management is key. Below are some steps and some