Journalists & PR Pros Go Head-to-Head

Journalists. Public relations professionals. Frenemies of the highest order. No doubt you’ve seen journalists and bloggers complain about bad PR pitches. You may have even seen them here (like this lazy pitch from Upwork). Despite the tendency of writers to call out PR folks, the truth is many of us need them. We need their clients and employers as sources for stories. We need access to events.

Media Kits for Writers: A Beginner’s Guide

One of my current projects is assembling a new media kit. As you might know, I have a background in public relations. So I’m keenly aware of the importance of earned media, and have been securing coverage for my clients for quite some time. While I’ve also secured my fair share of coverage for myself, with changing professional ambitions in my future, doing even more

Quick Tip for Indie Authors: Create Your Own Media List

If you’ve ever distributed a press release to promote one of your books, chances are you did it wrong. It’s not your fault if you did. I’ve seen all the nonsense authors are exposed to online. This ranges from claims that press releases never work unless you’re already famous (utter BS) to “advice” that equates to spamming your press release to every free distribution website you

Are Freelance Industry Bloggers Stupid? Upwork Seems to Think So

It’s days like these I wish I hadn’t retired Naked PR. If you don’t already know, I used to own a small PR firm, where I was an early specialist in online public relations and social media consulting (before everyone under the sun started thinking they were qualified to call themselves that). Naked PR was my blog where I had a tendency to say things

Distribute Your Book Launch Press Release the Right Way

Earlier this week we looked at ways you can write a better book launch press release. But what you do with that finished release is just as important as how it’s written. So today I’d like to share a few press release distribution tips for authors — things you can do to help your announcement get more attention, without being immediately dismissed. Here are three distribution tips

Bad Pitching and Bitching: Should Journalists Expose Bad PR Pitches?

This post was originally published on (my now-retired blog featuring commentary on PR and social media issues). While I’m considering reviving my Naked PR brand this year, I’m considering taking it in a slightly different direction — back to its roots. In the meantime, I’m moving most of the original content to other sites I own, saving only a few key posts from the

Bloggers as Moochers: Reality Check Time

I’ve been thinking and blogging quite a bit about blogger relations lately (including featuring some excellent cases of good blogger relations in book marketing). In fact, I even revived my PR blog for a brief time to tackle the issue. In that post, Heather Yaxley of GreenBanana left a comment sharing an email she received announcing the launch of, a self-proclaimed “network for bloggers

Media Coverage for Your Blog (or Yourself!) – Radio Interviews

Darren Rowse recently posted an article on ProBlogger about How to Get Media Coverage for Your Blog. Given that PR is my primary area of expertise, it’s a subject pretty near and dear to my heart – I’ve decided to expand upon it here. After reading one of the latest comments about someone doing a radio interview, giving their blog URL ( in the interview,

Why Author PR can be more Important than Book PR

We all know that you have to promote your books if you want them to sell. We should also all know that book PR is a great component of that whole process – the part where you show your book is relevant to potential readers, bring it to their attention, and get some buzz generated. But when working on a book PR campaign, I think