Freelance Writer Blogs: An Introduction

We’ve been talking recently about freelance writer websites and how they can help you attract prospects and convert them into clients. Today let’s focus on a particular element of professional sites — freelance writer blogs. Now, I’m not talking about freelance writing blogs, where you write about freelance writing itself, and where your content is for other writers. The vast majority of freelancers don’t need those, and

What to Include on Your Freelance Writer Website

In looking at freelance writer websites done well, you might have noticed some common themes and site elements to give you ideas about what to include in (or add to) your own. But what if you’re building a fresh freelance writer website from scratch? Where should you start? What pages should you include in your site? What features should a new freelance writing website have?

5 Signs It's Time to Update Your Professional Website

Your freelance writing website is an important tool that can attract new clients. It’s how they find you when searching for writers. And it’s where they go to learn more if they come across you via social media channels or after receiving a pitch from you. If that professional website isn’t up to date or portrays a negative image, it could cost you great freelance

What to Include on your Freelance Writing Website

One of the best ways to market your services as a freelance writer is through your own website. Believe it or not, many writers do not have a website – this is a big mistake. With your own site clients can find you 24/7. In other words, you are marketing your services but do not have to put a lot of time and effort into

Why Freelance Writers Need a Professional Website

I’m a big believer in creating a Web presence as a freelance writer. Frankly, you couldn’t give me an excuse I’d consider good enough for not building a professional website (although some have tried).  Let’s explore why I feel they’re so vital, and why it may be worth setting up a professional site even if you already maintain a steady client load without one. What

Setting Up a Website or Blog: My Favorite Resources

I’ve mentioned repeatedly in the past that I think all freelance writers could benefit from having their own professional website and / or blog to showcase their writing and niche expertise. Today I’m going to share my own favorite resources – the tools and services I use repeatedly when setting up new sites or blogs, and why I use them. Web Hosting I have hosting

Setting up a Professional Website as a Freelance Writer

I doubt there’s a single case where I wouldn’t suggest that a freelance writer set up a professional website and portfolio. Do you have one yet? You can take a look at mine currently at If you’d like to share your own professional site, leave a link in the comments. But what if you don’t have a professional website yet? Where do you start?