Pen Names and Gender Anonymity (Podcast)

This week on the All Freelance Writing Podcast, I tackle a question from Jeremy Tarrier. He was curious about how a writer might protect gender anonymity when writing under a pen name (or if it’s really even a problem). Listen now. This was an interesting topic for me because I actually have the opposite problem: I write under an ambiguous pen name that could easily

Why Use Pen Names if Not For Privacy?

You know me as Jennifer Mattern. That’s my “real” name, or at least it was before I got married. And it’s the name I’ll continue to use here and in running the bulk of my business. But I’m also pursuing fiction, and for that I use two pen names. I don’t stress over keeping those pen names private though. In fact, I’ve noticed a trend

Reader Question: Using Pseudonyms as a Freelance Writer

Yesterday I received a reader question about freelance writers using pseudonyms. Given the nature of the topic, I agreed to only refer to the reader as CP. Here’s the email I received: I am in the process of transitioning into the freelance writing world, and getting my sea legs. I intend to use a pseudonym (as I have a separate, unrelated career), but am unclear

Marketing Considerations When Choosing a Pen Name

I’d like to explore the role of pen names in book marketing a little bit more today. We’ve already talked about whether pen names help or hurt marketing efforts, and I think we established that pseudonyms can in fact be beneficial in some marketing campaigns. Today I want to talk about how to actually choose pen names, keeping marketing considerations in mind. Here are some

Pen Names: Do They Help or Hurt Your Book Marketing Efforts?

I was thinking about authors who write under pen names / pseudonyms when publishing their books, and how that choice might affect your marketing. Are they an added benefit? Do they make marketing more difficult for you? I’d love to have some authors share their thoughts here on why they chose to either write under their own name or a pen name, and looking back