Why You’ll Fail at Freelancing if You Suck at Math

This post was originally published on Yolander Prinzel’s blog in 2014. It was relocated to All Freelance Writing when that blog was shut down.  When you decided to become a freelance writer, you probably didn’t think those old math classes would come in handy. It turns out they will. I hope you paid attention. Not understanding basic math can cost you dearly, whether it happens

Freelance Writers: Why It's Better to "Work Smarter"

Just a quick thought / question for you today: Why is it that so many freelance writers can’t seem to grasp the concept of working smarter, not harder? Sometimes when I talk to writers or read other freelance writing blogs I feel like I’m going insane — like this is an alien concept or something. To summarize: in business it’s always better to work smarter

Freelance Writers: Earn Residual Income From Your Blog

Previously I talked about why I consider residual income sites and content mills to be bad business decisions for freelance writers. I also promised to later talk to you about how you can earn decent residual income, but by writing for yourself — your own blog. Let’s talk about that now. Why Blog for Yourself? For some reason, many writers I talk to are afraid

Freelance Writers: A Real Look at Residual Income

There aren’t many freelance writing topics that get under my skin as much as residual income sites. I’ve heard all the arguments in their favor. Hell, I’ve made those arguments in the past. But today I’m going to get real with you about residual earning, why I don’t feel it’s worth it in the vast majority of cases, and how you can earn a siginificant

Writer Warning: Suite101

OK. No one can say that I didn’t go above and beyond in promoting Suite to writers. If anything I was one of their strongest advocates before I quit Suite101 earlier this month. I can’t even count how many writers I brought into the network whether directly in my role as editor, or indirectly bringing writers into other sections, who I had met through this