Essential Ingredients of a Work-at-Home Parent

I ran out of patience the other day and I should have run across to the neighbor to borrow some more. After all, this working mom doesn’t rise to perfection without a liberal dash of patience. I must treat my children with patience. I must wait days or weeks patiently  for a free hour to watch my favorite show. I must patiently wait on clients

Working Mom Sagas: Mornings or Evenings?

I’ve been working nights for years. This wouldn’t be a big deal if I wasn’t already working days and mornings, too. I’ve mentioned a few (dozen) times already, but I have the two kiddos to get up and out of the house every morning, while I get up and out of the house as well to head to the school where I teach at-risk teenagers.

The One Writing Rule That Will Help You Lose Unsightly Stomach Fat while Earning $3,276 in One Week!

I had every intention of writing you a nice, long sales page full of random lies and musings. I was hoping that I could create a really cool, (imaginary) expert name for myself like Dr. Rebecca Frankenfurter, M.D. so that I would have instant credibility through my fake letter when I went to sell you some aspirin in a pretty bottle I colored with my

You’re Not Insane! You’re Just like the Rest of Us WAHMs!

I realize that my mothering style isn’t normal. Martha Stewart would have a heart attack at the number of unfinished projects in my home. Emily Post would faint dead away before she made it past the six laundry baskets stacked in the living room. In my universe it’s perfectly normal to stash little boy underpants in the living room furniture and keep playdough on the

Mommies Are For Working…and Loving (and Vacuuming)!

I had a hysterical working mom experience this week. Others might have found it horribly offensive, but I’m the type to crack up at even the slightly amusing and this went well beyond slightly… The biggest little man in my life brought home some library books from school yesterday. He’s in kindergarten this year with weekly trips to the school library. Like we do every

Dear Parents, Please Don’t Write Your Child’s Paper – You Might Embarrass Yourself

Let’s pretend for a second that I’ve heard tales of a child who was home-schooled for years and just joined a high school last year. So long as we’re pretending, we should also pretend that his mother is trying to “help” him graduate at 16 so a very close, practically inseparable, friend of mine now has a 13-year-old freshman. It’s a good thing y’all are