Make Your Writing Funny: Writing Humorous Character Reactions

In the last article, we talked about creating humorous characters for fiction. Now that we’ve done that, let’s toss them into the pit and actually get ’em to do funny stuff. Remember that a humorous character is just a normal character that has exaggerated traits or expresses his personality in an exaggerated way. And the reactions DON’T have to be overblown – even very subtle,

Make Your Writing Funny: Creating Humorous Fictional Characters

Sprinkling some gags into an article is one thing, but add humor to a funny fictional story is a whole new bucket of fish. There are definitely jokes in humorous fiction, but since you’re also trying to create atmosphere, normal one-liners often don’t slide very well into a story. If a joke doesn’t feel like a natural puzzle piece in the whole equation, it’s easy

Make Your Writing Funny: Implying Punchlines for Better Humor

The technique I’m going to discuss this week doesn’t need to be used all the time. Sometimes a great joke is straightforward. Sometimes it doesn’t need to get clever with its wording – it just twists the assumption in such an unexpected way that the twist is funny all on its own. Use your better judgment. If a joke’s effective and clever on its own,

Make Your Writing Funny: Using Relationships To Create Humorous Comparisons

We started off whole this humor-writing adventure with the basic technique of twisting an assumption. This week I’d like to show you a new trick for making comedy – exploiting common relationships. I personally like this technique over the other because it’s a lot more versatile. Mind you, anyone who goes spelunking in the comedy mines will need every pickaxe they can get, but I

Make Your Writing Funny: Adding Humor to Articles, Columns, and Blog Posts

Now we can actually slide some humor into your writing. Let’s keep it simple for now – we’ll start by adding some funny bits into articles, columns, blog posts…any kind of straight, informative writing. It’s all about using the right lines at the right times. Strategic application is key, like you’re going to war with your article or something. The optimal rule to follow: once

Make Your Writing Funny: Writing Your First Joke

All right, now that you know the basic rule of humor (and if you don’t, you should really check last week’s article) let’s give it a test drive. We’ll play Conan for a while by writing a joke on a recent event, just like the opening monologues he did on the Tonight Show. (Technically, Leno’s back to doing the monologues now, but let’s pass on