Magazines: Reading To Write An Essay

Want to write for a nice glossy magazine? If the answer to that question is a “yes” – I have a question for you… How often do you read them? If you want to make a career out of writing for magazines reading matters. This is especially true if you are hoping to get an essay published in your favorite print publication. Think of it

A Pep Talk For Print Writers

Hello hello! How about some good news? Today, instead of telling you ten thousand things you need to make sure that you are doing, or emphasizing how difficult it is to break into writing for print, I’m simply going to encourage you. That’s right. Today is a pep talk! I was not a good writer when I began. Seriously. I was pretty average, used cliches,

The Print Industry: Realistic Expectations

This is going to be a different kind of post. Call it a sharing post. I’m going to talk a bit about what my expectations were when I got into the magazine industry–and also about the reality. I was pretty surprised at how different those two things are, and I’m going to throw my experience out there for you–just in case I can help clarify

Easy Ways to Find New Article or Blog Post Ideas

It’s almost inevitable – if you build a large content site or blog, at one time or another you’ll likely feel that there’s nothing left to talk about. Fortunately, unless you’ve chosen an incredibly limited niche, that’s not the case. There are always other topics to write about in your niche, or other angles to topics you’ve already covered in your articles or blog posts.

How Many Freelance Writing Projects do You Take on Each Month?

The number of actual projects (or clients) I take on each month as a freelance writer can vary pretty greatly, and more clients doesn’t always mean more income (often the opposite). So I’m curious – do you seem to have a typical number of projects each month, or do you vary a lot with your freelance writing work too? In the past, I worked mostly

Freelance Writing Success: How do You Define It?

What do you consider “success” when it comes to your freelance writing career? I mean, is the fact that you’re a full-time freelance writer enough to make you successful? Are you a success when you can pay the bills? Are you a successful writer as soon as you land your first paying gig? What makes you feel like a success (or what would make you

The 10 Second Trick that Doubled my Productivity as a Writer

Lately my work days have been so much more enjoyable than before. I get a solid 7 hours of client work and administrative stuff out the way, I’m actually taking my lunch hour for myself instead of working through it, have the energy to put a few more hours into my own projects daily, and still have time to take care of housework, working out,

Don't Market Freelance Writing Services on Price

Are you trying to build your freelance writing career around price? Do you figure if you offer the lowest rates, you’ll be more successful than all of those writers who “charge too much?” Have you ever lowered your rates just because you saw cheaper services getting picked more often? Do you assume more freelance writing jobs equals a better writing career? Uh oh. You may

How Perfect Must a Writer's Blog Be?

A lot of freelance writers have their own blogs. Do those blogs have to be “perfect,” though? I’ve seen comments on both sides of this issue, and I’d like to know what you think? Personally, I think there are a few considerations: Blog Purpose Is the blog just a personal blog? If so, I’d not worry so much about the occasional typo or poorly-constructed sentence.

5 Ways to Get More Done Today

When you work as a freelance writer, you generally have a lot of control over your own schedule. That may sound great, but what it often means is that we’re prone to procrastination and distractions – it’s too easy to say “Well, I can always just work extra hours later tonight to finish this up.” It doesn’t have to be hard to be more productive