5 Lucrative and In-Demand Writing Gigs

Digital marketing. Engagement. Online advertorials.  These aren’t just buzz words that marketers throw around to sound smart; they’re clear indicators of businesses’ growing needs in the digital age. Why am I bringing them up? Because over the past few years, I noticed a sharp increase in the demand for certain types of content. I’m getting fewer requests for physical flyers or brochures, and more pings

Using Social Media to Find Writing Gigs

Freelance writers love the Internet. Whenever a company creates an ecommerce site, a newsletter, a blog or an informational website, they need people to write content. Writing opportunities abound online for writers, but only if you look in the right places. Scams and low-paying jobs are everywhere online. How often have you seen an ad demanding exceptional writing skills, no need for proofing or editing,

A Freelance Writer’s Guide to Quoting for Social Networking

One of the very first gigs I got over a year ago when I started full time freelancing was to work on the Twitter account of a life insurance company. The company actually found me through my own Twitter ramblings and still decided to hire me to do the same for them. Since that time I’ve had many different social networking clients and I’ve answered

5 Signs You've Landed a Great Freelance Writing Job

If you decided to search for freelance writing jobs right now, you would probably find thousands of them advertised. Many of those writing jobs are crap (and that’s putting it nicely) to the bulk of writers here. After all, do you want to get paid $.001 per word (yes that’s 1/10 of one cent per word)? Do you want to work for $.05 per word?

How to Lose a $7,000 Freelance Writing Gig Without Even Trying

I thought I’d kick off my new series here on All Freelance Writing with an awesome story about something that happened to me this week. I started my week by losing a $7,000 finance course writing gig. Yay me! Why am I happy? Well, because I have to be or otherwise it would mean I did something wrong. Okay, kidding. I’m happy because, from the