I've heard it on the TV commercials advertising depression medication, but I didn't think I would hear myself saying it to my husband, pre-deployment, about my freelance writing business. I experienced / am experiencing a sudden loss of interest in the things I enjoy. Part of it is because of the stress of having a baby (it will change our whole lives—well, it already has) and it is mostly the traumatic sadness of my husband's deployment.

The point is that life changes, and sometimes you aren't the glorious motivated person you once were. When your productivity is struggling because of emotional stress, try these things to keep going and to heal:

  • slow down and take small steps, one at a time
  • make critical lists of what actions must occur to help you prioritize and not get entangled with urgency daily obligations meddling with the “big deal” things to handle
  • do less, when stressed, don't guilt or overwhelm yourself
  • simplify: create and implement your simplest, no-fuss system for making progress on daily tasks and bigger goals
  • experience your emotions--yell out your anger and cry out your sadness—but remember not to attack people (tell them you need to vent)
  • get support

This deployment isn't something I can do completely alone. With my husband as my rock, I discuss everything I can with him and he can help with discussion making and consolation, but he's got a mission, too, and that means I need a support system of friends and, if need be, professionals in counseling and depression.

How do you handle the emotional side of productivity? Tips, tricks, hints, questions...leave your comments below.