Freelance writers love the Internet. Whenever a company creates an ecommerce site, a newsletter, a blog or an informational website, they need people to write content. Writing opportunities abound online for writers, but only if you look in the right places.

Scams and low-paying jobs are everywhere online. How often have you seen an ad demanding exceptional writing skills, no need for proofing or editing, and 100 percent unique content, for which the employer will oh-so-graciously pay $0.05 a page?

Such ads are all over Craigslist and job-bidding boards, hoping new writers will take the gig to "gain experience." The pay is lousy, the experience questionable, and the offer insulting. On the other hand, you can find good-paying jobs on those same sites; just expect to find plenty of pyrite while you're panning for gold.

Social Media Networking

Social media offers better job-finding possibilities. Facebook and Twitter offer great job-hunting for those of us choosing to work out of our home office chairs. Each site requires a slightly different strategy.

Facebooking Your Way to Employment

Run a search on Facebook for freelance writing. Groups such as Facebook4Freelancers regularly post writing gigs. Don't just lurk the groups looking for job posts, though; take part in group discussions and forge friendships with other members.

The goal is to create a network of fellow writers, proofreaders and editors who know your name and skills. Don’t campaign aggressively for gigs on such sites--everyone knows freelance writers constantly look for jobs. Instead, develop a reputation for being helpful and well spoken.

Join a few Facebook pages devoted to social media, internet marketing and search engine optimization as well. You'll learn more about this side of online industry, and professionals working these fields always have a demand for freelance writers.

Twitter and Tweet

Search Twitter directly for freelancing gigs; many employers simply tweet their writing needs as they develop. Research companies you'd like to work with and follow their accounts. Again, don’t tweet you’re looking for work. Just keep your ear to the ground for possible opportunities.

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