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Weekend Reading: Guest Blogging

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Guest posting has been a hot topic lately around the writing, blogging, SEO, and marketing communities. That's a result of Google's Matt Cutts making the proclamation that guest posting (for SEO) was dead, and him more recently mentioning that Google had penalized MyBlogGuest. That site, owned by Ann Smarty, connects guest bloggers to host blog owners. 

While I don't know Ann well, our paths have crossed numerous times over the years due to my work with one particular client. From what I know of her, I like her. She seems to be both nice and bright. So I'm sorry that she's the one going through this. I know what it's like to be penalized by Google for standing by your own ethical standards.

While I don't wish that on anyone, I think Google's moving in the right direction here (and in some ways not going far enough to deal with abusive guest post schemes -- separate from the MyBlogGuest issue). But I'll save the rest of my thoughts on the issue for another day, because I have far too many of them to cover in a weekend reading post.

On that note, let's get on with it. I wanted to give you a few resources you could look over if you have any interest in the current guest blogging climate. These posts do not necessarily reflect my own views on the topic.

Okay. I lied. I'm going to share one thought on the issue here.

Hey Cutts and crew: If you're serious about cleaning up the guest blogging mess, it would be super great if you would get everyone at Google on the same page and stop letting these "link building" companies advertise their guest blogging services via Google Adwords. Just a thought. I mean, ethical standards and all....

3 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: Guest Blogging”

    • Seriously. I saw three or four of them showing up in their ads in the short time it took to sort through recent articles on the topic. I have a very love-hate relationship with Google. Them meddling in ad models that compete with Adwords is an issue that falls squarely on the “hate” side. But to then see them not enforcing the the same standards they expect publishers to is nauseating.


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