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While it might sound strange, one of the best social networks for writers might also be the most visually oriented. Yes, I'm talking about Pinterest.

Even though Pinterest doesn't revolve around your writing itself, it offers a lot of opportunities bloggers and authors, in particular, shouldn't pass up. So in this week's "weekend reading" roundup, let's take a look at a few resources that can help you make the most of Pinterest in promoting your writing.


34 Strategic Ways You Can Use Pinterest to Market Your Book and Your Author Brand

By Kimberley Grabas at

While this post targets authors, many of the tips shared appeal equally to bloggers and other writers. If you're brand new to Pinterest, this post is a great place to start. Not only does Grabas cover book-specific strategies, but she also offers insight into the nitty gritty technical aspects of using the site.

Read the post.

5 Tactics to Boost Your Popularity on Pinterest

By Elna Cain at

Once you have a solid grasp on Pinterest basics, this post will help you go from casual pins to more effective Pinterest promotion. Cain touches on the importance of the copy attached to each image, image sizes, pin frequency, and more.

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20 Inspiring Pinterest Boards for Writers

By Carrie Smith at

Looking for a little inspiration before you start building your own Pinterest presence? Check out this collection of Pinterest boards for writers to see how your colleagues are using the platform first.

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Are you on Pinterest? If so, how do you use it, and do you consider it to be a worthwhile time investment? Share your thoughts and strategies in the comments. Or check out some of my own Pinterest boards for writers if you want even more ideas to get you started.


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