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Weekend Reading: Revising Your Manuscript

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I love first drafts. I love creating something new. Revising them into a second draft? Not so much. Or at least that's the case with longer manuscripts. That first round of revisions is the most challenging (and the most frustrating) for me. But it has to be done. So it ends up taking longer than I'd like.

Do you ever struggle with the self-revision process, either before submitting your manuscript to publishers or before bringing in the editor you've hired to help you tighten things up?

If so, this week's post in the "weekend reading" series is for you. We'll look at three posts on manuscript revisions, with two revision strategies you can use and a post to remind you that, if you do get frustrated with the revision process, at least you're not alone.


The 12 Highs and Lows of Revising Your Manuscript

By Emily Wenstrom at

If you struggle through any part of the revision process, I suggest printing this post and sticking it on your wall. Wenstrom goes through 12 possible ups and downs on the emotional roller coaster that revisions sometimes are.

Read the post.

One-Pass Manuscript Revision: From First Draft to Last in One Cycle

By Holly Lisle at

If you're anything like me, one of the biggest frustrations with starting manuscript revisions is knowing that there are likely several more rounds to come. But maybe not. In this post, the author shares her process for going through a more comprehensive single revision, so one round is all it takes before you have something ready to submit to publishers or your book's editor.

Read the post.

How to Revise Your Novel at a Glance

By Darci Pattison at

Here's another manuscript revision system that might help you simplify the process. In this post, the author explains how she condenses a novel manuscript into around 30 pages to revise each novel at-a-glance.

Read the post.

What does your manuscript revision process look like? How long does a round of revisions usually take you (especially the first)? How many revision rounds do you go through on average? Tell us about how you revise your manuscripts in the comments below, or if there are any particular strategies that other authors might find useful.

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