Every year Lori Widmer, a good friend and fellow freelance writer behind the Words on the Page blog, goes out of her way to help new writers understand what their services are really worth. This started out as a special event called Writer's Worth Day. Over time, it was expanded into a month-long event.

During Writer's Worth Month you'll find content from Lori and a series of guests on topics like making sure we don't settle for less pay than we should, how to determine what rates are right for us, how to build confidence, find new opportunities, and much more.

This year, Writer's Worth Month was in May. For anyone who missed it, here are links to all of this year's Writer's Worth Month posts from Lori and her guest contributors. Happy reading!

Did you struggle to understand how much value you bring to the table when you were getting started as a freelance writer? Do you still struggle with finding the confidence to stick to your rates or even increase them? Tell me about your experiences in the comments, or use the All Freelance Writing free writing advice form and there's a chance I'll answer your questions in a blog post of your own.

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