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Weekend Reading: Writing and Publishing Short Stories

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For this week's "weekend reading" collection, let's look at short fiction. Is it worth your time as an indie author to publish short stories and flash fiction? Will people read it? Can it be profitable? Where can you get your fiction published?

These three posts answer some of these questions.


Why You Should be Writing Short Fiction

By Anne R. Allen at

This post might be a few years old, but it's a great introduction to the resurgence of short stories. Anne R. Allen looks at short story publishing outlets and explores time commitments vs earnings potential between writing short stories and longer fiction.

Read the post.

Making Money From Writing, Part 1: Short Story Markets

By David Gaughran at

This is another older, but still-valuable, post on publishing short fiction. In this post, David Gaughran explores some of your options for making money writing short stories, from selling them to short story markets to publishing your stories as collections.

Read the post.

46 Literary Magazines to Submit To

By Joe Bunting at

In this post, Joe Bunting shares 46 magazines where you can submit your short fiction. The list covers "literary" magazines, genre-specific publications, and flash fiction markets.

Read the post.

Do you write short fiction? If so, has it proven to be a lucrative publishing option for you? How does it compare to your longer work? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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