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Weekend Reading: Writing Effective Calls to Action

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Last weekend we took a look at resources to help you write email marketing copy. This week let's stick to the overall copywriting theme but narrow down our focus to calls to action.

Here are three resources that can help you when designing or writing effective calls to action for your blog, freelance writing projects, or other marketing copy.


The 7 Qualities of an Eye-Catching and Effective Call-to-Action

By Katelyn Piontek at

If you don't have any experience crafting calls to action, this post is a good starting point. It covers some of the basics, from the copy to its design.

Read the post.

15 Calls to Action for Blog Posts that Convert

By Jasmine Henry at

This post features calls to action for blog posts. Get your readers to leave comments, convince them to sign up for your email list, or get them to purchase your latest e-book while you already have their attention on your blog.

Read the post.

21 Call to Action Examples and 3 Rules for Effective CTAs

By Kathryn Aragon at The Daily Egg on

Take a look at this post for some common calls to action, feedback on what makes them work, and tips on how you can write your own similarly-effective CTAs.

Read the post.

Are you a freelance copywriter? If so, share your favorite tips on writing effective calls to action in the comments. Or leave a comment and tell me what calls to action have worked well on your blog or to sell your books or e-books.

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