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Time to check in with one of our favorite former content mill writers, Stacey Abler. Here's what she's been up to during the previous week, and where she's going this week:

What's Stacy Been Up To?

  • She finished up a press release project -- the project we mentioned last week which was the first she landed from a prospect finding her through her business writing site -- Top Business Writer.
  • The client she landed the $.30 per word gig with was happy with her first piece and ordered another for this month. After this month, Stacey is expecting that to become a regular gig of four articles per month.
  • She pitched her original client we mentioned here (blogging) and landed at least one article this month -- she'll discuss more with the client later (he's currently busy traveling outside of the country).
  • Stacey continued pitching and has made a few new contacts (including possibly doing some volunteer writing for the USO for exposure's sake -- and as you might remember while I'm very against writing for free for unknown site owners, I strongly encourage it for high exposure pieces with well-respected organization -- generally nonprofits -- as long as it's worked into your marketing time and not used to replace billable hours). Another was a project pitched to a magazine, but that as a long wait time on responses, so we'll follow-up on that down the road if she hears anything.

Overall, it looks like Stacey's again going to exceed her former content mill average monthly income. Congrats Stacey!

What's Next?

  • Now that Stacey's well on her way as far as pitching clients in the interim, it's time to get back to platform-building. I'll be sending her a list of "assignments" for the week on Monday which will focus on keyword targeting and link-building.
  • She also has a few follow-up contacts from her previous pitching which she'll deal with early in the week.
Thanks for sharing!
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