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This week's writing challenge is all about helping you to earn more money. Too many writers get themselves stuck in a single or limited revenue stream model. This means that if one model fails them (demand drops, their site ads get banned, etc.), they're left without a backup. Yet writers have a lot of potential income streams if you think about it. Here's how I diversify my own writing income:

  1. Writing for clients
  2. Writing for my own sites (ad revenue)
  3. Selling an e-book
  4. Selling PLR business articles
  5. Selling reprint rights to some articles on my sites

Those are a few examples to help you find a new model to pursue. Test out whatever fits in with your style and industry. Start an e-book or report to sell. Start offering reprints for a fee. Maybe launch a membership site for an even more passive revenue model. Just start to diversify (or diversify a bit more if you're already trying).

Thanks for sharing!
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Jennifer Mattern is a professional blogger, freelance business writer, and indie author. She runs numerous websites & blogs including All Freelance Writing, NakedPR.com, and BizAmmo.com.

Jenn has 18 years experience writing for others, around 13 years experience in blogging, and over 10 years experience in indie e-book publishing. She is also an Active member of the Horror Writers Association.

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