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I'm affiliated with a software developer and we're in talks to work on a joint project. As of now it looks like that project will most likely be for a market of writers. Before we make any final decisions I wanted to put it out there for you. What kind of software would make your life easier as a writer -- either as freelance writers or indie publishers more specifically?

  • Do you want software that helps you manage files, client details or other organizational tasks?
  • Do you need software that would help with project development and management?
  • Do you want some kind of advanced editing software for your indie published works?

The one area we absolutely won't work within is invoicing / financial management. There's too much liability in that area when talking about connecting to people's financial accounts, it would be a conflict of interest for the developer due to other work, and frankly I think there are plenty of options already available on that front.

Other than that, we're completely open to suggestions. So please, leave a comment below and tell us what kind of software solutions you're most interested in as a writer. This would be for a long-term project, but before we begin the real work on feature planning and development we want your feedback. After all, the software would be for you.

Thanks for sharing!
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Jennifer Mattern is a professional blogger, freelance business writer, and indie author. She runs numerous websites & blogs including All Freelance Writing, NakedPR.com, and BizAmmo.com.

Jenn has 18 years experience writing for others, around 13 years experience in blogging, and over 10 years experience in indie e-book publishing. She is also an Active member of the Horror Writers Association.

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