Discussing time management may be a passion of mine, and a source of a profession, but it has meaning for every freelance writer. Freelance writers work in the truest sense of the word because while other workers, workers with employers, can blog and shop online and play Minesweeper, freelancer writers have to be hard at work writing articles / blog posts / books / copy, keeping track of their bookkeeping, managing their client files, building their marketing platforms to attract business, pitching prospective clients, and updating a business plan that works with the freelance flow. We only have a limited number of hours per day, and we can only productively allot so many to our freelance writing businesses. Therefore, it is vital that we manage our time effectively.

No matter what you call time management--energy management or some other replacement title--it is still fundamental. And, fundamentally, time management is managing your own energy to focus on productively meeting prioritized objectives.

I recently changed my work schedule a bit to accommodate the rushed feeling I was getting by doing all of my billable work at the end of my business day. I was doing all of my marketing with the first four hours and was really enjoying cranking out email queries to prospective clients, tweeting, blog commenting, and assorted marketing tasks I'd given myself from my marketing plan. But after I finished these tasks, I was lacking the air I needed to do my writing. I had become less effective in completing my client work, and I knew I had to change something. So I set my business hours and I flipped around my schedule. I share this with you to share that probably the most crucial time management advice for freelance writers is that you be aware of how you use your time and where you put your energy. You'll discover that you can seemingly create time for your work by using your most productive hours for the necessary tasks you have.

How do you accommodate your productive, energetic hours to manage your time?

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