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30 Queries in 30 Days

Freelance Writing Challenge

If you rely on query letters in marketing your freelance writing services, there are three key elements to successful querying campaigns: proper targeting, writing persuasive copy, and sending enough queries to keep new prospects coming in.

So while query letters aren’t simply a numbers game, once you’ve mastered those first two elements, it never hurts to send more.

This 30 Queries in 30 Days tracker worksheet can be used if you want to challenge yourself to write more query letters over the course of any month or just get into a more regular query-writing habit.

This Query Challenge Tracker Can Help You:

For more on this freelance writing challenge, why you should give it a try, and how it fits in with the “query-free freelancing” approach I generally promote here at All Freelance Writing, read my 30 Queries in 30 Days post.
30 Queries in 30 Days Tracker - All Freelance Writing

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