Word Count Tracker

This little javascript word count tracker gives you lots of options to play with. Writing a novel? Choose word counts. Want to work towards a page count goal instead? Choose pages. Would you like to set a blog posting goal for the month or year? You can choose that below too! In fact, you can use this tracker to track just about anything -- miles run, pounds lost, dollars earned, etc. Just choose the "other" option from the drop-down below and you can customize the tracker to measure whatever you want.

Enter your goal, current progress, what you're measuring, and the size of the progress bar you want below and click "update" to see a preview and get your custom code. You can embed that code on your own website, blog, or forum signature (if it allows you to embed code) to share your goals and progress with the world. You can even choose whether or not you want to display the percentage. Enjoy!



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